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Handcent - not showing in Android Market

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  1. Chaotix

    Chaotix New Member

    Using a Motorola Milestone on the Telus network.
    I cannot find Handcent anywhere on the Android market. I see the plugins and font packs, but the application itself isn't showing when searching for "Handcent" in the Market. This is one of many apps I cannot find anymore (dragonplay poker and others aren't showing either).

    Does Telus have the ability to block certain applications? Why are certain apps not showing up for me anymore?


  2. cableguynoe

    cableguynoe Well-Known Member

    Dont see a reason why handcent would be blocked.
    I would just keep trying. Sometimes it's toward the bottom.... you just have to keep looking for it.

    Or try appbrain.com. I just checked and it's there. Try downloading it that way.
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  3. Chaotix

    Chaotix New Member

    No its weird - nothing showing up in the Market, and when attempting to 'download directly from android market' on appbrain.com, i get an error:
    The application Market (process com.android.vending) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again'

    So weird. I can download and intstall other apps just fine.
  4. wynney666

    wynney666 Well-Known Member

    Not usually the best way to do it but if u downloaded the app. Apk from the net, copy to sd and install that way, I'm on x10 but can't see yours being different. Also did a google for you http://www.filestube.com/7a22903bf8fc2fc003e9,g/Handcent-SMS-v2-9-36.html

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