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Handcent/Notifications & more

  1. daknot

    daknot Member

    I just got my HTC Hero on Tuesday and I'm really liking it so far, but upon downloading Handcent I am getting a bit irritated by having to clear my notifications EVERY time I receive a txt message. I turned off the handcent notifications so that doesnt bug me anymore getting 2 notifications for every 1 message received. Its the OS that is notifying me and even if I click it for it to take me to the message it remains a notification. Is there any way to disable txt notifications through the standard OS? All I could find was a way to change the tones and such. If I have to live with it, then so be it. I just thought I would ask if anyone knew more about it here.

    Also, I havent a clue what apps might be really handy. I plan to look through the tips/tricks/useful apps thread at a later time but any advice to those reading this thread feel free to post what your favorite apps might be so I can check them out!

  2. 02keilj

    02keilj Well-Known Member

    Go to the standard messaging program and then:
    Scroll down till you find 'Received notification' and uncheck it. That should stop the original messaging app sending you notifications. You can now use just the notifications from Handcent
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  3. daknot

    daknot Member

    all i saw through the settings menu was like i said, a way to disable notification sounds and there is a option to make the led not flash during certain notifications. no way to disable them completely that i can see through the settings>sound & display menus
  4. Donnelly

    Donnelly Member

    Needs to be done on the HTC Messaging App matey, not sounds and alerts.

    If you open up the stock app and hit "menu > settings" it should be there to untick "notifications"
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  5. daknot

    daknot Member

    got it now.

    sorry, still learning my way around. used to just being able to disable notifications from a normal settings menu instead of having to go into the app and then selecting its settings from within it.

    thanks. =)

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