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  1. cHaNg-sTa

    cHaNg-sTa New Member

    Hello everyone. I recently got the MyTouch 3G so I'm a new Android user and I'm very happy to be one. Anywho, I was wondering about the Handcent application. My friend suggested it to me and I like its setup over the default Messaging app, so I wanted to delete it. But would deleting the default Messaging app also delete all the texts in general? Or would they carry over to the Handcent app and stay there even after deleting the Messaging app. I don't want to lose some of the texts that I already had. Thanks!

  2. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    Well you cant delete the default messaging app anyway. Just turn off all alerts from the default app and use handcent instead.
  3. cHaNg-sTa

    cHaNg-sTa New Member

    Ah, ok, didn't know that. Thanks!

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