Handcent SMS: Best SMS/MMS App out in the market hands down

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  1. Qbfinest83

    Qbfinest83 Active Member

    I love this app I dont know where I would be without it. I am using the Droid Incredible and was looking for a way to get all my message in one place nice and neat and this has provided me with that.

    One of my feature features of this app is the fact that once a message comes in you will get a pop up with the message displayed on your phone. You dont even have to open the application plus if you have a security lock on your phone you dont need to unlock it to get the message which is a HUGE help to me. As you can see with the picture below the popup has more then just a reply option


    1)Paper Icon- Allows you to do a quick reply
    2)Mic- Allows you do speak in your reply
    3)Person- Allows you to view contact information and call the person
    4)Trash Can- Deletes the message
    5)Speaker- Will read the message to you


    This app comes with some many customization there is something for everyone here.

    The bottom three pics show the three different styles of reading the message from Iphone to Android to Handcent Style


    It also has a couple of different font packages also available in the market so that you can change you font display not just your color


    Conversation list settings takes everything to a new level. They have options to display contact pictures, change background color, contact font, contact font color and subject font and color, date and so on. Dont worry if you mess somthing up there, they do have a reset button.

    Another great feature is the the ability to turn on a Security Lock by either pattern or password. This is a must have feature if you have messages that you dont want people to read. You have to put in your password/pattern before you can read this message.

    All in all this is by far the best app in the market. Dont believe me try it for you self its FREE try it for your self you wont be sorry

  2. xtatersaladx

    xtatersaladx Member

    Do you know how to change the password on the privacy box?
  3. ghost0211

    ghost0211 Well-Known Member

    being a gosmspro user, what are the differences between the two apps?
  4. justaneonlol

    justaneonlol Well-Known Member

    I used handcent for months, and just recently switch to gosms. I like gosms better. They are basically the same, different skins and whatnot. gosms seems a ton smoother to me which is why i didn't go back to handcent. Why not download it and try it out for yourself? They are both free.
  5. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    I used to think handcent was the best until it started struggling to send mms.

    Once I switched to go sms, I saw that it keeps the individual settings for contacts separate.
    I have different sms signatures for different contacts. Go sms keeps that info in a separate area, so as soon as you select a contact, the signature for that contact is applied.
    With Handcent, the first sms you send to that contact has the default signature, the next ones in the thread sends the customized one.
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  6. CoyotesFan4Evr

    CoyotesFan4Evr Well-Known Member

    I still love GoSms minus the latest update requiring you to buy the premium pack in order to sync your facebook contacts to your phone contacts so that you have a picture for all of your contacts when you message them. That part really is annoying. And that acutally only applies to those who have the Bionic and are on one of the ICS leaks.
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  7. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    The latest update also broke the ability to select a contact by name in landscape.

    I sent them an email the day of the update, they haven't even bothered to acknowledge the email or the many complaints in the play store review section.
  8. kjambrek

    kjambrek New Member

    it's good app, i'm using it :)

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