Handcent SMS: Best SMS txt program for Android!

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  1. kidqwik

    kidqwik Member

    Ok. So I love to txt. And I love to txt like I'm using a chat program on my computer and not some rinky dink typical txting program on a phone. Handcent SMS allows you to do this! Forget about that stock SMS program! You can extend you txt msgs past 160 characters, batch mode, speak your txt instead of typing it, attach photos and video and personal animated greetings built into Handcent, change the background of your chats, change the font of the chat for your txts and the person you're txting to, change the color of the fonts for both sent and received txts, the font style and size of the fonts, the notification sounds, and it goes on and on! With the latest version you can actually get preview screens of how all these changes will look without having to change, save, and go back for each change to see. It's all in the preview screen as you make the changes! Wallpaper, fonts, colors, and all! If you like to use AIM, Yahoo Messenger, and the other chat programs and your ability to customize you chat experience on your computer you'll love Handcent for your Android device! It even have an "iPhone" customized chat look if you like that. The best SMS program for Android, PERIOD!

  2. Hardcore

    Hardcore Well-Known Member

    I use it on my Desire and i have a problem with it.... the Handcent "eat
  3. 808Android

    808Android Member

    Is there anyway to disable the included messaging ap on the EVO? I like the Handcent ap except for the fact that everytime somebody sends me a text I get it twice. Once with the messaging ap on the EVO and once on the Handcent ap. I've turned off everything that I could but I still get text messages twice.
  4. Avenger626

    Avenger626 Member

    Thats what im doing a search on right now. Anybody know? Im using the evo and get my texts x2
  5. DERIS12

    DERIS12 Well-Known Member

    you need to go into the native client and turn off the notification

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