Handcent SMS Bug?

  1. marcf

    marcf Member


    I'm hoping someone can help....

    I've just downloaded the app to the HTC Hero. It works well, the only issue I have is that when it notifies me of a message it shows the number I have on the screen and when I go in and read the message then delete and close the program, it still shows the same number when it shouldn't have any number since I deleted my messages. Is this a problem with the Hero or some type of bug in the program? I hope I have made myself clear, if not please let me know and any help would be much appreciated.


  2. franners

    franners Well-Known Member

    I have the same issue. The widget doesn't update and shows unread messages even after notification cleared and all messages read. Reboot clears it.
  3. babyd2000uk

    babyd2000uk New Member

    Yeah I love this app, but feel I can't use it for this reason. If I use the htc messages app the notification clears no probs, if I use handcent, once I read new messages the icon changes back to native message app and the notification bubble stays over icon......very annoying. I tried ChompSMS and this does not have the same issue, still prefer Hancent though, just wish the icon/notification issue would get resolved....must be fixable as Chompsms doesnt do this.....
  4. Putzy

    Putzy Member

    Does ur screen light up when u get a message with handcent? Mine only does if there is no sound. Is it possible to have sound and screen light up on new messages at the same time??

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