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  1. seattlepete

    seattlepete Member

    Hey guys, i updated my x10a to 2.1 last week and i noticed sms and handcent keep freezing up. I uninstalled handcent and it's still doing it. Has anyone else had this problem?

    my x10a is Rogers branded and rooted.

  2. dibberly

    dibberly Well-Known Member

    i had an update today...have you got the latest version?
  3. seattlepete

    seattlepete Member

    Yeah I updated it yesterday.. before then it was doing it more often. Maybe all the bugs haven't been fixed yet.
  4. D3sRtH4mmR

    D3sRtH4mmR Well-Known Member

    No problems with Handcent here. Why don't you try to again backup all your messages, uninstall Handcent, reboot the phone and reinstall.

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