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Handcent SMS: I downloaded them all....

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  1. tylerdrew

    tylerdrew Guest This Topic's Starter

    Handcent SMS is the best of the best... and for free WOW (add are in the settings menu, i dont mind though keep it free)
    I have done my homework and Handcent is THE most effective SMS/MMS App out there... where ALL (yes i downloaded them all) others are lacking something whether it be:
    Picture attachment
    File attachment
    Ease of use
    Visual interface
    Pop up notifications
    ALL other Apps were lacking something...
    Handcent had everything i was looking for!!
    Customizing -endless customizing!!
    I Especially like the custom vibrating, colors, picture backgrounds, fonts, etc, etc... all of which can be custom for each person in your phonebook!
    *****5star app*****
    I may not have kept my phone had it not been for this app...


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