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  1. Yellow Snowman

    Yellow Snowman Well-Known Member

    Can anyone tell me how to get Handcent icon to display unopened sms/mms?

    right now they only display in the bar at the top but not on the actual icon. does anyone know how to fix this?

  2. N00B Moment

    N00B Moment Well-Known Member

    Yeah, what you have for handcent on your screen right now is just a shortcut for the app. What you WANT on your screen is the "widget".

    Press and hold current Handcent icon and drag it to the trash bin. . . .
    Press and hold the area of screen where the handcent icon used to be. . .
    Select widgets. . .
    Select Handcent. . . .
    Your done. . .

    Your welcome! LOL
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  3. Yellow Snowman

    Yellow Snowman Well-Known Member

    wow thanks, that was easy

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