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  1. Cthulhu14

    Cthulhu14 Member

    I have lg iptimus c with cricket and use handcent sms. The problem im having is when I try to send a text over 160 characters it wont send. I have it to split if over 160. It says the wirless number doesnt excist. Hekp please!

  2. mattsledge

    mattsledge Active Member

    The network that Cricket uses doesn't support SMS texts over 160 characters. So you'll need to send multiple messages less than 160 characters if you feel the need to be that wordy.
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  3. Cthulhu14

    Cthulhu14 Member

    I usually send 160 plus to my parents/boss's etc.
  4. PCLM

    PCLM New Member

    my handcents is not working always say " this message has failed to send. please select an action for the message" what do I do?
  5. uglydude21

    uglydude21 Well-Known Member

    dial *#*#4636*#*# and got to phone settings and set them smsc i dont know the number but look around for it

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