handcent will not send any pictures

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  1. FUCCO

    FUCCO Well-Known Member

    I can not send any pictures from my droid. Even a 25kb small pix will not go through, I just keep getting the circle spinning. Any suggestions on a fix? I already uninstalled and reinstalled hancent.


    seems i can not recieve pix messages either. I just sent two from a phone and email and none of the pixs come thru

  2. cableguynoe

    cableguynoe Well-Known Member

    Make sure your mobile networking is on
  3. proginski

    proginski Active Member

    Can you send them using the default messageing app?? If not call verizon because I just had the same problem and when I called in the said for some reason picture text was set to block on my account they changed that and no more problems...

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  4. FUCCO

    FUCCO Well-Known Member

    found out what was wrong. I somehow deleted the stock messaging app a few weeks ago. Anyway acordding to bugless beast tool kit it has to be on the phone even if not being used because handcent uses some part of it for pix messaging. I reinstalled the stock app and i am back in bussiness.

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