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  1. Ok, hopefully someone can shed some light to me, i'm about to pull out my hair (wait i just shaved my head - nevermind).

    I have read over i don't know how many forum pages....

    Ok i have handcent downloaded and astro manager downloaded.

    I have copied and pasted many sounds to the Notifications folder, but they never show up when i go to choose one from the handcent application settings.

    Same as with the Ringtones, they dont show up when i select a contact and want to select a ringtone from that folder.

    They are viewable and they do play with the astro app.

    I have tried changing the file extensions to .wav .m4a .mp3 None of them will show up.

    I have folders set up on card as:

    -- Audio
    -- Notifications
    -- Ringtones
    -- Alarms

    What THE HECK am i doing wrong?

    Thanks for the comments & help.


  2. pkopalek

    pkopalek Well-Known Member

    I use Rings Extended

    And if you have saved .mp3 files to your SD card, they should play just fine.

    Try Malibo Ringtones to download ringtones, then Rings Extended or Tone Picker to choose the ringtones (not the built in Malibo ringtone assigning command)
  3. spy21der

    spy21der Active Member

    I think you might have them saved in the wrong places..

    your ringtones folder should be saved directly on the removable disk

    then the text tones should be.. removable disk>media>audio>notifications

    hope this helps and its right.. that's where mine is and them all play fine as mp3's
  4. maddog015

    maddog015 Well-Known Member

    This. Works a-ok for me.
  5. Nope.

    Doesn't matter if i have the "ringtones" folder directly on sd card or under Media folder.

    I realize all i SHOULD have to do is have these folders, and cut & paste files from my cpu to my droid sd card. BUT THEY DON'T SHOW UP.

    Using tone picker will work, however i shouldn't need it, & i don't like the way it brings up ALL files to choose from. I want to pull up just my notification files or ringtone files.

    Anybody have any other ideas/suggestions? This is driving me nuts!!!!!

    I got it figured out - Thanks to

    name all your folders all in lower case


    once you have put your songs into these folders restart your phone and voila :) Hope this clears a few things for you...

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