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  1. HandiAppsUK

    HandiAppsUK New Member


    My names Adam and I'm a representative of Handi-Apps UK.

    I am currently a student at a University in Sheffield and have recently started up my own business with a group of friends.

    We are called Handi-Apps UK. Handi-Apps UK aims to create applications for your smart phones to make your everyday lifes easier.
    Currently we have one application available for download on the "Android" marketplace, this application is called Handi-Card.

    Ever been shopping and forgot your loyalty card? Missed out on them valuable club card points? Well look no further. Handi-Card
    allows you to enter your card information into your phone. The application will then produce a bar code that will be stored on your phone.
    Then if you ever forget your card, don't worry just use phone instead and claim them valuable points.

    If you do not wish to download this application, please leave a post below on thoughts about the application and why you would/wouldn't use it.

    Find us on:
    Twitter - Search Handi-Apps UK
    Facebook - Search Handi-Apps UK
    website - http://www.handi-apps.co.uk

    Thank you for your time.

  2. HandiAppsUK

    HandiAppsUK New Member

    Hi everyone,

    We've had 6 app downloads so far and the app has been on the marketplace for approximately 4 weeks now so things are looking good!

    Once again feedback on the app would be greatly appreciated so if you have chance post a reply on here please.

  3. Androidmammoth

    Androidmammoth New Member

    hey guys, thought id leave some feedback here (as im lazy lol)
    i was just looking for some new apps and came accross this 1, tested it out and the app works, pretty easy to use so not too fussed there. the price wasnt too bad either, all in all not bad

    hope it helps for future development :)
  4. HandiAppsUK

    HandiAppsUK New Member

    HandiCard is now available for Android 2.0 and 2.1. So now even more people can enjoy them valuable loyalty card points.

    Coming Soon - New functions and an amazing new GUI!

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