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  1. brianrudy

    brianrudy Member

    Which app do you prefer for messaging and why? What don't you like about either one? I'm trying to decide which I want to use.

  2. stef7

    stef7 Well-Known Member

    FWIW: Once upon a time, I had no Texting as part of my plan with the Carrier... So I was sending and receiving a lot of messages to/from my wife (who uses an iPhone) and other people I knew. I used Whatsapp and still do. It allows me to confirm sending a message, but also that it's been received. It provides for a more densely packed exchange and supports some emotocons. It allows you to sent the content you want to exchange. First few days after announcement that Facebook purchased them, there were long delays. :confused:

    I use the built-in messaging app too. It works.
  3. grdh20

    grdh20 Well-Known Member

    I prefer the LG app.
  4. PlanetScott

    PlanetScott Member

    Currently use ChompSMS.
  5. Chompsms seems to have some bugs lately with the lg g2. I switched back to the lg messenger till that is fixed.
  6. BecomingDeath

    BecomingDeath Active Member

    I prefer hangouts over the stock LG because the text box is too large. I only need one line to type on until I surpass that line. Don't really use text link. Plus the LG bubbles are way too big. Even when you pinch them they don't get small enough. Then again I prefer everything tiny. My friends have trouble reading on my phone and have to get right up on it lol.

    Hangouts is good, but there are issues with it too. I'm always accidentally archiving conversations, no options to send audio, also would like a dark theme, Etc.

    I use Textra currently and have been for quite some time. It has all my needs supported aside from one, (hangouts suffers this as well) no slideshow functionality. I tend to send multiple photos and out of the good of my heart don't like hitting my contacts with a notification spam as they receive them one by one. I'd rather just send a ss and be done.
    However, Textra has one big thing going for it and that's If you click on a photo you can then swipe to view all the photos/videos in the conversation. No scrolling through all the text to find the pics you want.
    Also while in a conversation the time is hidden aside from like 15 minute intervals. If you want the per message time just swipe left and the time per message slides onto screen and right back off when you're finished checking. Keeps things tidy.
  7. Terrakb

    Terrakb Member

    I use the stock LG Messaging app. I tried using hangouts but felt the default app worked better for me and i left the hangouts app specifically for video calls.
  8. jwbwd2

    jwbwd2 Well-Known Member

    I like using Hangouts because it integrates texts and hangout messages (I have a network of friends who actually use Google Hangouts). I would use it full time but went back to each individual messaging app because it doesn't integrate FB Messaging. Also, I accidentally archived messages often. One more downfall... I also have friends who do not have up to date phones... i.e. the ORIGINAL Droid... So if I try to send a text with multiple recipients he does not receive them. As far as the LG messaging app, It is great having the received message pop up on top of whatever I am doing and be able to respond or even compose a new message on top of whatever I am doing with the Q-Slide feature. On this topic... Does anyone else HATE the LG keyboard. It is the worst and most inaccurate swyping or tradition input I have ever used! My BIGGEST problem with it is if you insert a quotation mark it automatically ever single time butts it right up against the last character you typed! Why does it do this?!?! Sorry for the rant... I'm done.
  9. Adauth

    Adauth Well-Known Member

    There are countless keyboard replacement apps in the play store. You should go do some shopping. I highly recommend SwiftKey.
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  10. jwbwd2

    jwbwd2 Well-Known Member

    Adauth, thank you for the suggestion. I will have to try that one out!!

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