Happy Holidroid Contest 12/25: Happy Holidays!

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  1. po96od

    po96od Member


  2. thisguyFTW

    thisguyFTW New Member

    16 was already guessed i change mine to 17!
  3. 98110

    98110 New Member

  4. benmarvin

    benmarvin Well-Known Member

  5. JoeSmithereens

    JoeSmithereens New Member

  6. lehoi79

    lehoi79 Member

  7. Alexcess

    Alexcess Member

  8. dhub

    dhub New Member

  9. joebobjr

    joebobjr New Member

  10. Damenace613

    Damenace613 New Member

  11. Timtimothylee

    Timtimothylee New Member

  12. flamesblade

    flamesblade New Member

    8000 as in the number of daily android activations
  13. donjay56

    donjay56 New Member

  14. D_Droid

    D_Droid Well-Known Member

  15. levman

    levman New Member

  16. vintage7682

    vintage7682 Member

    My entry: 156

    End note: The past 31 days have been both very fun and tense (especially if you don't win anything and have to wake up at 5am everyday to check the post:p). However, i for one am glad this competition was held. Good job phandroid:) Wishing you a blessed christmas and a happy 2012...
  17. Markley02

    Markley02 New Member

  18. verher89

    verher89 New Member

  19. stonefeet

    stonefeet New Member

  20. JBiz227

    JBiz227 Member

  21. zelda600

    zelda600 Member

    MY guess is 777

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