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  1. mike1000

    mike1000 Well-Known Member

    I hope you don't mind me cluttering your awesome thread with more questions - and please feel free to move it if I am - but I had a question about rooting that there don't seem to be a lot of answers for.

    In your experience, how many people would you say root their phone and are then then happy to stay with their stock rom on the basis they can tweak it as they see fit.

    I guess my question is, can playing with roms cause more headaches than it's actually worth, given the superb - albeit bloated - build of the main players, HTC being my personal fav.

    Again, thanks for your help and feel free to move this post as you see fit.

  2. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    It's all really personal preference.

    I am running a modified stock ROM (TrickDroid) myself. I just don't want to lose the stock camera. And Sense 4.0 is really growing on me (it's not nearly as bloated as previous versions of sense).

    Others prefer a more vanilla build. And I see the charm/benefits of that as well (I flash cm9/aokp now and then for a few days and switch back eventually).

    I have no idea how many people just root the phone and are happy, but I would guess that it's a significant number. Others just like flashing something new all the time, or prefer the way a non-stock rom is built. There is nothing wrong with any of those choices. In fact I feel that is the best thing about Android, the fact that we have those choices and are not locked in to what a manufacturer or carrier or some other entity feels we need to have.
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  3. mike1000

    mike1000 Well-Known Member

    You summed that up well.

    The question was posed because, after rooting I wanted to flash a few roms and realized there are very few out there without at least a couple of bugs (that I saw anyway.) It made me realize that for now at least I'm totally happy with the freedom root has given me, it really is shocking to see how easy it is to improve performance with a few simple tweaks.

    I'll get back to you in three days when I'm bored and I'm feeling the need for Roms ha ha.

    Thanks again for your help.
  4. Smokem I

    Smokem I New Member

    Well I've always used HTC phones and I can't even use sense lol. I rely on root to remove as much as I like but eventually end up flashing an AOSP rom. I find quite a lot of people do stick with stock or close to it though. Most of the custom roms do use the stock base and have easily accessible add ons. I'm running AOKP at the moment and besides the known issues its getting better with each update(as long as you troll the CM9 thread). The only lose is the camera but if I really am gonna take pictures I use an actual camera lol. I'm really enjoying the One S and we are getting more options everyday :D

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