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  1. SamsungVibrant

    SamsungVibrant Well-Known Member

    I need help

    I own a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant.

    I've tried everything to do a HARD factory reset, but the phone never goes into the boot up menue.

    I've held the volume down button down while pressing on.
    I've held the volume up button down while pressing on.
    I've held up and down both down at the same time and pressed on.

    Nothing, it never works.
    any suggestions?

  2. larryccf

    larryccf Well-Known Member

    i had the same problem (also on a USA Tmobile Vibrant)

    had to use the "secret code" on the dialer
    punch in [FONT=&quot]*#*#7780#*#* and it will take you to the reset option menu

    if you do a search for secret codes, either here or on the xda forum, you'll find the thread listing all of them

    not all the secret codes you'll find work on the Tmo Vibrant, USA version

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  3. larryccf

    larryccf Well-Known Member

    mods - pls delete[FONT=&quot]

  4. SamsungVibrant

    SamsungVibrant Well-Known Member

    whats your problem, I searched already and couldn't find any threads stating this. calm down, isn't this forum meant to help people, instead forum natzis like you ruin things. Someone should delete you, off the face of this planet.
  5. SamsungVibrant

    SamsungVibrant Well-Known Member

    Thank You!
  6. SamsungVibrant

    SamsungVibrant Well-Known Member

    Hey, do you happen to know any other secret codes to get into the phones volume level control, and some how set the max volume to something higher. I can barely hear my phone conversations sometimes, the earpiece speaker is too low even at max setting.
  7. larryccf

    larryccf Well-Known Member

    i don't have a problem - the "pls delete" posting was a request to the mods (moderators) to delete the post - somehow when i edited my response, it showed up as a new (duplicate) response

    and like i said in my response, search this forum or xda developer's forum for the secret codes - they've been posted 2 or 3 times, i just don't remember which forum
  8. SamsungVibrant

    SamsungVibrant Well-Known Member

    Oh I aplogize, I called you a natzi and thanked you in the same thread, didn't realize you were the same person posting the helpful info. For some reason I thought you were someone else.

    So I found a list of secret codes, but they don't look complete.

    There has to be a way to to set the volume to something higher, don't you think?

    Also, the secret code for the reset you gave me, I tried it, it worked...but it seems to be just another soft reset, not a full hard reset.

    what do you think?
  9. larryccf

    larryccf Well-Known Member

    never saved the codes - i did save the reset one as i went back to find them and saved it figuring i'd need it again

    when you hit that code, it should have taken you to a menu of 3 or 4 options, one of which (i forget the exact wording) was to reset & delete all user data, and when you select it, it still brings up a warning msg that all user data will be deleted and ask you to confirm

    they might not have appeared to be different options - kind of looks like 4 lines of text, but you can scroll to each line, kind of like when you do a "safe mode" reboot on a PC

    but it was a hard reset when i did it
  10. Sparkle1975

    Sparkle1975 Active Member

    Else you can update your i9000 via Odin. I did that because the key combinations did not work for resetting.
  11. gerberman

    gerberman Well-Known Member

    Other way to hard reset (one I used )was press VOLUME UP , HOME AND POWER together.
  12. larryccf

    larryccf Well-Known Member

    my exchange or new vibrant just came in, and stumbled on another reset path

    menu > settings > privacy

    there's a choice there described as "factory data reset" and also indicates it will delete all data
  13. gerberman

    gerberman Well-Known Member

    Yes but with mine the phone froze in an endles FC loop with Launcher pro and I couldnt get into the phone to use any settings in cases like this the 3 button boot up is the only way
  14. Killing Hours

    Killing Hours Member


    Wrong section. Please delete this post.
  15. deeoh1084

    deeoh1084 Well-Known Member

    i just talked to customer service and they told me that u have to hold down volume up, down and power key at the same time and release it when u see vibrant logo and it actually worked for me!!! but remember u have to release all three button after u see the vibrant logo ah... never mind it's still asking for too many pattern attempts.. damn it went into the boot menu and i selected delete all user date and pressed yes delete all user data... it told me it was done and i pressed reboot system and when it restarted it was still asking for user name and password... strange!!! i already did it twice

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