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  1. lewis94

    lewis94 New Member


    For some reason my Galaxy S (Eclair) decided to quit on Saturday. When I try to boot it up, the startup screen displays properly but then the screen goes black. The two menu buttons light up if touched but nothing actually works.

    I tried a hard reset using the vol up + home + power and even that did not work, it does the same thing after the reboot.

    I have already lost videos of a friend who passed away recently, now I am just pissed. Any solutions??

  2. sully92

    sully92 Well-Known Member

    hey man just hold down the power and volume down button.
  3. lewis94

    lewis94 New Member

    Already tried it, just boots up normally (other than the fact it doesn't work)
  4. amk61

    amk61 New Member

    I'm having identical problems and have yet to find a solution! Any ideas? What happened in the end lewis94?

    I'm on Froyo
  5. ayongkot

    ayongkot Well-Known Member

    try flashing a different rom, i'm sure flashing another rom and factory resetting does not erase what is stored in your internal memory.

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