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Hard Reset without Touchscreen?Support

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  1. NoodleNutter

    NoodleNutter Member

    Either that or a touchscreen fix, if it's at all possible.

    Hello everyone. I was being an absolute idiot with my Samsung Galaxy Europa, and trying out all the 'secret codes' that I'd just found. (You know, like finding your IMEI number and stuff?)
    Well, I found a complete list of them, and was working my way down each one seeing what it did. When I got to 'Touch Screen Firmware Version', I typed the number in, *#*#2663#*#*, and the screen came up with my firmware version, as it should.
    I accidentally pressed the 'Update' button, not noticing what it said. A bubble came up on the screen, saying something along the lines of "Checking for updates. Do not turn the power off." I tried to cancel by pressing the back hardkey button but nothing happened.
    I turned the screen off and on again, but when I turned it back on, I was stuck at the unlock screen, the phone vibrating every few seconds, and the touch screen not working at all.
    And so, of course, me being the stupid person that I often am, took the battery out of the phone to turn it off. (The touch screen didn't work, so I had no other option.)
    I replaced the battery and turned the phone back on, it booted as usual and went to the unlock screen. Touch screen still not working. Since that, I've turned the phone on and off, on and off, about four times.
    I looked on this site and saw someone with the same problem, but their board didn't have a complete solution - just people suggesting to hard reset it.
    Now, I've heard that to hard reset a Samsung Galaxy Europa, you need to press both volume keys and the power key until the exclamation mark appears on the screen. It didn't.
    This is really frustrating as I need my phone by tomorrow, and I know I shouldn't have been messing with the settings and stuff when I don't fully understand it myself.

    Could anybody help me?
    Thanks in advance - Noodle.
    P.S. - Sorry for the length of this post. I couldn't help it. ^^

  2. NoodleNutter

    NoodleNutter Member

    UPDATE: I read elsewhere that you can get to settings, (and in turn, to factory reset), by having someone ringing you. I borrowed my dad's phone to ring mine, and mine vibrated and played my ringtone as it usually would, but it stayed at the unlock screen the entire time.
    The weird part was that even AFTER my dad hung up, my phone was still buzzing and playing my ringtone.
    Something's definitely screwed up here, more so that I thought before.
  3. laziri

    laziri New Member

    _only you must download odin downloader 4.38
    _you take your phone at download mode by pressing vol- and home button then power button simultinately
    _you download android 2.2 ;after you extract files from rar files
    _connect your phone and yellow square appears then you push start
    _after 3 Minutes and 10 SECONDS the yellow square become green
    thank yous
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  4. NoodleNutter

    NoodleNutter Member

    Thank you for responding, but you're a little late.
    My dad took it to the Three shop to get it repaired. They replaced the screen, and it's as good as new.
    Sorry, I forgot to mention that. ^^;
    - Noodle.

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