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  1. HELP!!!! :mad: I'm having an issue with my Samsung Mesmerize from US Cellular sporadically doing a hard reset and losing all my data on my phone. I have taking the phone back and got a new one thinking it was a lemon but it has done it on this new phone also. Luckily I can go back in and resync it to my work network and all my files and contacts are there but I lose all my apps etc. Has anyone else had this problem and if so how did you fix it??? I have had this happen 4 times now. I am very new to all this and need help. I thought maybe that it was because of a app I downloaded was bad but this last time I didn't have any apps on the phone. Any ideas??? Thanks

  2. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    If you haven't downloaded any apps before you started having the problem, even on the new replacements, my suggestion is assign a brand new google account to your phone, not the same one you've been using.

    Maybe there is something in your current google account settings that is making it unhappy.
  3. Ok I'll try that Thanks! I have never gone in and changed anything on the gmail settings before. Was I suppose to?
  4. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    It shouldn't be causing any problem at all, but since you keep having the same problem each time you get another phone, I would try that just to see.
  5. Well that didn't work! :( I changed it. I just downloaded the NO LED app and it immediately did a system hard reset.
  6. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    Was it doing a system reset before NO LED?

    One thing to be aware of: Not all apps "made for a Samsung Galaxy S" are for the Mesmerize. The Mesmerize is an i500 model. There is also an i9000 model that is a "Galaxy S" phone.

    The NO LED app could very well be the reason its hard resetting.
  7. Well I went all day without a hard reset. However I had no apps downloaded either. I will try a few tomorrow and see how it goes. I.ll look to see if the apps are mOesmerize friendly that I download. Thanks
  8. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    I've downloaded a ton of apps, (at least 50) and not had any that did hard resets. I have not downloaded No LED, however, so I can't say if that one works or not.

    Just understand that while Android is open source, one small drawback is that manufacturers have the ability to tweak the source code for a particular device.

    What may work on a Droid X may not work on a Samsung.

    Definitely keep trying other apps. Angry Birds works just fine on ours. :)
  9. No Luck! :( same thing happened this morning as yesterday morning! However there were no apps on it this time. Was working fine all day yesterday after it reset in the morning. My phone was plugged into charger still. My alarm went off. hit snooze a few times. Went to unlock it to check my emails and it shut off and did the hard reset. Lost everything. Could it have something to do with being on the charger and I'm using it? That hasn't been the case every time but alot of the times. Or is there a thing as a bad batch of phones. I went back to the same place to have the phone replaced the first time soon after I got it. could it be from same shipment and these were bad?
    Just an idea. i really like the phone so I want to figure it out so it works. my boyfriend has exact same phone from different store and no problems. But he also isn't on corporate network either.
    Very Frustrated!
  10. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    I can definitely agree with bad batch of phones as a theory.

    Before we go that far, what did you add to the phone besides a Google Account? You mentioned "Corporate Network" so I am curious to know what apps, email accounts, and settings you added to your phone.
  11. I hope the 3rd time is a charm. I have taken the phone back to US Cellular. I have my 3rd phone and hopefully this one will work. They said they haven't had anyone return the phone for this reason. But they are going to start to track it. They gave me a new charger and everything. Last time we just exchanged the phone.

    As far as what I download to my phone besides my corporate network??? This last time it happened, NOTHING. I didn't even download the gmail account. I didn't set anything up but my corporate account. NO APPS Nothing. I had our IT people at work look at the phone again to make sure everything was set up right on it as far as our Network and they said it wasn't anything on their end.
    I'm hoping it was just a bad batch of phones! Thanks for all your help.

    Wish me luck!!!
  12. Well the 3rd time wasn't the charm for me. So I get this new phone today. The 3rd one now in a week. And tonight I'm sitting there and my screen goes Black and the bottom row of lights come one. I thought the battery went dead so I plug it in and nothing happens. I hear it turn on but nothing shows up on the screen. I looked on here and saw that this happened to someone else and they had to take there phone back in. Any suggestions on this???

    By the way I did more searching and found under the Samsung Galaxy Forum and the Fascinate forum on here found that people were having the same issue with the hard reset


    I GIVE UP! Does anyone have any suggestions on a good Android phone that works!!! US CELLULAR has better servious around here. I tried the Droid 2 by verizon and loved it but hated Verizon's service. Please Help!!!
  13. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    Wow. What amazingly bad luck for you. Not that this will help you much, but our office purchased 4 of them the day USCC released them, and all 4 have been working just fine. I think you're having some really bad luck.

    That being said, you can always check out the HTC Desire, that is USCC's other Android offering that isn't too bad.
  14. sftroop

    sftroop New Member

    Did you ever get resolution on the hard resets? I'm currently on my second phone. The only thing that I can see to be the issue right now is a Microsoft Exchange connection that requires my phone to have a password. I'm going to leave this off and see if I get the same issue.
  15. fromaj

    fromaj New Member

    A colleage and I just got these phones and we have had the same issue. We are connecting them to and Exchange 2003 server and our server requires that we put in a password. On a related note, I purchased one of these phones at the exact same time for my wife who only connects to GMail. She has had no issue and we have had our phones reset back to factory defaults several times in the past two weeks. I am waiting to see if Froyo fixes this. This is not a crop of bad phones. There is something that is specific to our setup that is causing this.


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