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  1. helofast

    helofast Well-Known Member

    Basically I purchased a code from cellunlocker.net to find out the phone is hardlocked [​IMG]

    and I want to be able to enter the code for unlocking. I am somewhat familiar with rooting if necessary.

  2. Marcha

    Marcha Well-Known Member

    I'm afraid you're having a problem. I've found this on the manufacturer's site:
    " If your phone it hardlocked it can't accept the unlock code. In such case do not try to unlock your phone because it will not work. It's very easy to identify hardlocked phones. Power on your phone with different network sim card. It is says Network lock and shows Dismiss button only then your phone is hardlocked and it can't be unlocked."
  3. helofast

    helofast Well-Known Member

    CS kept telling me to "flash" the phone but I am not sure as to what this means, I asked them to point me in the direction but said try didn't have any information. Maybe you know as what this means?
  4. Marcha

    Marcha Well-Known Member

    Hi Helofast,
    I'm not familiar with flashing. I guess they mean reinstall or install new firmware. Somehow I don't think that will be the solution. From the manufacturer's text I copied in my earlier post I understand that this phone can't be unlocked with the code. Take a look for yourself at www.fastgsm.com; if you're somewhat familiar with rooting, you should know more about it than I do. Maybe someone else can give any suggestions??
  5. helofast

    helofast Well-Known Member

    thank you for the information I will try a local shop see maybe they can help out a bit, and will root phone as a last resort, I know I can purchase another phone but this is in perfectly good condition so I want this one
  6. bigbaldbloke

    bigbaldbloke Well-Known Member

    If it's been locked out completely by the network carrier, a solution may be to install a new firmware.
  7. NathanBookham

    NathanBookham Member

    You need to use ODIN and flash a stock rom.
  8. Poolmanouvre

    Poolmanouvre New Member

    Running Android Revolution HD! - if someone else has my IMEI I bought the phone second hand, could it be hard locked/bricked? And if so could I unlock it again?

    I was chatting with a friend and they said if the old owner wanted they could still have the phone locked..

    Getting kind of worried!

    Thanks! PM:smokingsomb:
  9. oldchick70

    oldchick70 Active Member

    In Australia the carrier will unlock it for a fee, perhaps ask yours?
  10. FredParks

    FredParks Active Member

    Hardlocked generally means that the phone has had all the unlock attempts on the handset used up with incorrect codes.

    In order to reset these unlock attempts there are software programs that you can use. These can be found through Google. You can also get it done at a local phone unlocking shop.

    Hope that helps.

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