Hardware Question (regarding touch screen digitizer)

  1. Ray31

    Ray31 New Member


    My HTC Desire Z is currently having a series of problems and I'm trying to find out if they're related to each other or just individual.

    The first problem is that my touch screen is not responsive at all. So I figure this has to do with the digitizer.

    The other problem is that I can't hear anything during calls. I've tested it out and I can hear them when I put it on speaker, so it's not a problem with the call going through. And the other person can hear me. I just can't hear them through the phone's earpiece.

    So I'm just wondering if there's a chance these problems could be related? Because I can replace the digitizer myself, but if that won't fix the phone problem, I may as well get it fixed by a technician since I wouldn't know how to fix that.

    Or if anyone knows what might be the problem with the phone's calling issue, please let me know.



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