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  1. ag011090ag

    ag011090ag Active Member

    Battery: 2x 3.7v DFHL
    Board: RK2818 Main 0705 V0.1 2010/11/12
    MID: MID0704 - KEY 2010/12/27 (Button and Ports)
    CPU: RK2818 8735214-1403
    Screen: 7" Innolux7DLCM-15LED (XIE CHENG) (WVGA 800

  2. ag011090ag

    ag011090ag Active Member

  3. WacKEDmaN

    WacKEDmaN Member

    i just go one thats got 4GB flash
    and has 8v@1.5A charger instead of 9v@2A..

    model number is still TPC7SV
    android version 2.1-update1-1.0.0

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