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  1. UltraMarine

    UltraMarine Member

    So Hey

    I just wrote a simple multi-touch app
    I need to test this to see if it work with multi touch on the real hardware.
    and also to test if the bitmap fonts work.


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    if you're interested in digging the source code.

    The red lines indicate the 1 pointer.
    the blue which you can't see on the emulator is supposed to be the second pointer

    you're doing this on your own risk.

  2. ttaylor0024

    ttaylor0024 Well-Known Member

    The red crossing point (im guessing its supposed to be where your finger is) is off by about 1 square. Also the blue doesnt move. It comes up, but only the red still moves, you cant move both. I CAN see the 1.0 and 2.0 too. Motorola Droid
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  3. UltraMarine

    UltraMarine Member

    OH HEY THANKS.....

    My Conclusion.
    1. Bitmap loading works.
    2. The function that takes care of the movement is in a for loop.
    maybe I should remove the loop and do the whole thing one by one.

    or maybe there's another way on how they do it..

    Mucho Gracias!!
  4. ttaylor0024

    ttaylor0024 Well-Known Member

    No problem, you got farther than I did :)
  5. UltraMarine

    UltraMarine Member

    Ok about the red lines being 1 square off?
    well that's weird.

    In the Emulator I see that it's a couple of pixels off when it's near the top left corner.
    but when it's down bottom, I see that it's almost correct.
  6. noidea`

    noidea` Active Member

    Keeps force closing on my Sprint HTC Hero :/
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  7. UltraMarine

    UltraMarine Member

    I also coded it in Android 2.1
    so what version of Android do you have noidea?
  8. ttaylor0024

    ttaylor0024 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, everywhere on the screen it was about 1 block off to the right. I am running 2.0.1 fyi
  9. UltraMarine

    UltraMarine Member


    ok this is how it comes out for the emulator......

    Maybe the problem lies in GL.java and in Runner
    ( in public boolean onTouchEvent(MotionEvent event) )
    I need to formulate a proper solution for this...

    After a quick look at the source code..
    I have removed these codes
    and replace it with these
    and it seems like Y axis is a little bit off. when it's near the Top/Left corner
    But X axis seems to be alright.

    and yes.
    same goes with event.getY() and event.getY(int);...

    after all the test.
    is seems like it affects with these... (don't have an idea how to test cancel..)
    // MotionEvent.ACTION_DOWN
    // MotionEvent.ACTION_UP
    // MotionEvent.ACTION_MOVE

    even in rotated state.
    it seems like I have this problem with the width that's 320 pixel wide.

    updates again.


    uninstall the old one.
    please test what the values are when it's on the top/left corner
    I need to know what the difference are
    and please test if multi touch work.

    I found out where the bug is.
    I'm using the wrong value for the height in ortho mode
  10. ljbaumer

    ljbaumer Well-Known Member

    ok for me on my droid eris running android 2.1 it works perfectly fine with just one finger but then it gets confused with 2 fingers and the blue line dosen't move at all.
  11. mkhopper

    mkhopper Well-Known Member

    Using Sprint Hero, running with a 2.1 ROM, the blue crosshairs don't appear at all.
    Only single touch is being registered. The touch center is precise though. I don't see any drift.

    And this is most likely a hardware issue with my device, but when pressing in the lower-left area of the screen, without moving my finger, the red crosshairs are unstable and shift around slightly. In the upper-right corner, the crosshairs remain solid.

    (I flipped my phone around upside down just to make sure it wasn't one hand shaking and not the other, but I saw the same result. In one corner, the touch center would shift, but not the other.

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