Harlem Shake V2 (Zona Style)

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  1. Shotgunx1x

    Shotgunx1x Well-Known Member

    Another Harlem Shake Video, if you guys haven't got sick of them yet check this one out. Couple of my roommates and I made it and thought you guys would enjoy it


  2. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Disabled

    That wasn't exactly appealing to me and my preferences. But the one that Jon Stewart did as his "moment of zen" the other night was freakin' hilarious!
  3. Shotgunx1x

    Shotgunx1x Well-Known Member

    Haha i'm sorry to hear that, its all in good fun and thought it would throw people off a little bit. The Jon Stewart one I thought was extremely hilarious as well
  4. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Disabled

    I was especially tickled by how Stewart does what looks like his impression of the "Darth Vader kid" in a VW commercial from Superbowls past...and then he goes back to dancing! :rofl:
  5. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    I usually try to catch the MOZ on The Daily Show but just watched it now. Loved it.
    And to the OP, excellent job. :)
  6. unnamedny

    unnamedny Well-Known Member

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