has anyone actually received a NEW replacement?Support

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  1. if you sent in your triumph for a replacement did you get a brand new one or was it a refurb?

  2. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    I am pretty sure it is always a refurb if you so it through Virgin Mobile. If you have something like the Best Buy Black Tie Protection plan, they give you a brand new one off the shelf.
  3. this is why i was hesitant on buying it through vm's website. balls.
  4. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    Being a refurb doesn't mean it is bad, though. Usually it means it has a better chance of being in good working condition without any issues. Since someone had to go through and double check everything and wipe it and all of that.
  5. Whyzor

    Whyzor Well-Known Member

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  6. i know but still i purchased a new phone not someone elses returned pos.
  7. Whyzor

    Whyzor Well-Known Member

    It's all psychological :D
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  8. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    ^ QFT!

    If it works, it works. They are not going to let one through that is all scratched up or anything.
  9. yeah, yeah.
  10. Gaffadin

    Gaffadin Well-Known Member

    I received a new-in-box replacement when I returned my new MT since the front camera would not work.

    I was specifically told by VM support that it would be a new replacement, since my first one was only a day old and was faulty from the outset.

    Manufacture date on my replacement is 9/11.
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  11. jimmy leo

    jimmy leo Member

    I was told the same thing. But i couldn't tell if my replacement was new, like they told me, or this class A people refer to.... But it works! Turned in a 8/11 got a 7/11. My problem was sound and bad echo while talking on speaker phone. Only paid $149 for it Cyber Monday..i'm a happy camper!
  12. MrMoz

    MrMoz Member

    Bought one on Cybermonday and after three days half screen goes white. So I received a very old unit (5/11), scratched over the camera and dirty in the holes right up where the motorola logo is.

    I didn't know that I could receive a new replacement I mean my cellphone was NEW, and now I rooted and installed MIUI. And not sure if I can reverse and installed VM recovery and send it back and ask for a new one, or keep this (it was so dirty that I had to clean it with alcohol to kill bacteria haha!)
  13. The540G

    The540G Member

    I had been robbed at gun point and the thiefs got away with my Triumph that I had for like 3 months :'(

    so I remembered that I paid that $5 insurance and had added it to my account luckly.
    so I rang them up they sent me to the Asurion website. Reported it stolen, paid a $100 fee and one day later they had sent me a new phone. the same way I got it from bestbuy. New with even a free headset [​IMG];);)
  14. davidx385

    davidx385 Member

    I've gotten a brand new one through VM. They woman from Social Care was super nice and just ordered me a new one because all their replacements were out of stock. Guess I got lucky :D
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  15. DAN040790

    DAN040790 Well-Known Member

    I originally had a defective Triumph. I ended up returning it to best buy three times. The third one I got was also defective and they wouldn't take it back anymore. I called Virgin Mobile and told them what Best Buy was doing, and they said they couldn't do that. And she said she'd send me a new phone in the mail. I heard that they send you refurb ones so I ask " is the one you're going to send me a refurbished phone?" She said it was. So I told her I didn't want a refurbished one, I'd like one brand new. I also said that I JUST paid 300 dollars for a NEW phone, so I wouldn't want one that someone has previously owned even if it was shipped back and fixed. I paid 300 dollars for an out of box phone, not one where someone could have dropped it many times and returned it because of it. Try saying something like that and I guarantee that they'll send you a NEW phone in the mail, still in the box. I got one. Lol I even got a spare charger and battery to keep from it.
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  16. grrrrrrrrrrr im going to cancel my order for the replacement and try to sweet talk the ladies. >.<
  17. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    Yeah, I don't know all the details for Best Buy's return/BTP policy, but I don't think they could tell you that. I like Best Buy, but that should be reported to someone. Maybe talk to the manager there or something.
  18. NewUser0

    NewUser0 Well-Known Member

    refurb phones are normally broken phones that get sent back to vmobile, and they typically get some piece of hardware replaced, or in somecases just the software reflashed if it was a software issue, but they ALWAYS get the chassis replaced. when you get a refurb phone back from them, it'll be a spotless chassis with the protective plastic all over it.
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  19. darknight88

    darknight88 Well-Known Member

    I forgot to ask for a new replacement and I'm getting it tomorrow :(

    I swear the refurbished better be perfect else I'm calling for a brand spanking new one. I mean I had the phone less than a week and it came with a defective LCD.
  20. darknight88

    darknight88 Well-Known Member

    Update: 12/12/11

    Got the refurbished phone. Came really loose in a small box so I didnt like that at all. Also the phone is missing its screen shield...I can see tiny scratches all over the glass.(gorilla glass my butt) So I didnt appreciate that. Lastly it has the on/off bug or defect where you turn screen off, then on and you see the video messed up for like 1 second before turning the screen normally. My current phone doesnt do that at all.

    But I did notice that the black spots that I see on my current phone are not present on this one. DAMN IT!!! So close. Im gonna call back and try to return it and ask for a new one. I mean cmon, you pay for a new phone and I shouldnt received a beat up phone. Let see what they tell me.

    Edit: ok so I dont mind too much the tiny scratches...now whats bugging me is the flickering issues on on/off screen shut off thing. oh why oh why oh why!!!

    MEGATON Edit: Ok I called in and told them that my refurbished phone had flickering issues. Did a power test or something for a few minutes and issue still remained. So then this nice young lady said that I got a Type B Phone and I was WORD?! Thats messed up. And she was like yea you were supposed to get a Type A phone which is a brand new one. (Since Im still in the 30 day window) I was like Hell yea! So there you have it. Gonna send the first one down tomorrow.(original one) then once I get the other new one, send this refurbished model. I dont mind paying shipping for these things as long as I get a phone thats supposed to work right. May sound like a whinny kid but Triumphs arent cheap at all.

    PS: wait a minute, should I then transfer my accont to the refurb model and then to the new one in like 2-3 days? Wont there be some issues down the line? Like activating the same phone over and over? Im gonna send my original tomorrow as that one has the weird dark spots on the lcd not the refurb.
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  21. MrMoz

    MrMoz Member

    I called and ask for a new one, she said that I
  22. darknight88

    darknight88 Well-Known Member

    Update 12/14/11

    Bad news. I got another refurbished phone *sigh*
    went to charge it as the past one I got like Monday didn't charge at all even when I played with the cord! The first one did, both refurbs dont. Well this (3rd) unit I have to wiggle the USB input cord a little. *sigh*

    I can't take this anymore. The lady over the phone said I'd get a new one not another used one with random issues. Again, this unit didn't come with a screen shield and came in a loose little box inside a bigger one.

    Gonna try out wif and voice tonight, if it don't work, it's going back. Currently have 3 phones and need to send 2 back. I didn't test the 2 unit properly and found tons of issues including flickering, wouldn't recharge at all and the voice/audio chip was messed up. Went to check my messages and the machine operate sounded like a garbled mess.
  23. JesusCon

    JesusCon Member

    I got two phones from VM and both seem new. I can't tell at all that they're refurbished.
  24. already flashed miui on my new one woooooot
  25. Whyzor

    Whyzor Well-Known Member

    I remember someone saying that VM's policy is they'll replace with new if you're within 30-days of purchase, otherwise refurbished. Is this what everyone's noticing?

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