Has anyone been able to get VPN working?General

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  1. wardlock

    wardlock Member

    Has anyone been able to get a VPN connection up and running with this 'phone - if so which VPN provider did you use?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. sibnick

    sibnick New Member

    It is not possible at all. ZTE Racer Linux kernel (Android 2.1) does not contain neccessary modules. So VPN has user interface, but it is one big fake. You need:
    1. get root on phone
    2. download linux kernel from ZTE
    3. compile necessary linux kernel modules
    4. copy modules to phone
    5. load modules every time after restarting phone from linux shell

    E.g. for L2TP you will need: ppp_generic.ko pppox.ko pppol2tp.ko
  3. wardlock

    wardlock Member

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