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  1. djhinku

    djhinku New Member

    Hi guys, this is my first time coming to this site and it looks super cool :D

    I actually have been having issues with my battery dying so I called customer support. He told me my phone is supposed to be updated to 4.2 :O I wasn't aware that this update had been released so I asked but he was certain that I should be on 4.2 and not 4.1.2

    I know they do staggered updates so I was wondering if anyone else has seen an upgrade for their phone?

    Just an fyi I've got an LTE S3 on the Telus network

    Thanks :)

  2. andrzewi

    andrzewi Well-Known Member

    Not yet. I am on Rogers and recently updated to 4.1.2 and don't like it.
  3. Windexxx

    Windexxx Member

    There is no 4.2 out yet! I am on 4.1.2 and to be honestly I didnt really like it! Just call them again and tell them that they are stupid

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