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  1. G6R

    G6R New Member

    When I hook up my Droid X to my computer and put a few songs on, it screws up the times occasionally. Example:
    The song "Get Up" by Skrillex looks like it's 4 minutes and 9 seconds long, right?
    But when I select the track, it shows up as 29 minutes and 31 seconds.
    This is the EXACT same song in both pictures, I don't have two different copies of the same song. And this is not the only song like this..
    Also, if I just let the song play, it'll finish at the right time, but if I drag the little time bar, it'll be at the beginning of the song, sometimes at the end, it's as if the song is mashed together on repeat a few times on one track.
    Anyone else had this?

  2. shawnmooney2

    shawnmooney2 Member

    you should get a better music player like power amp.. see if that solves your issue

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