Has Anyone Found a Battery?!?Tips

  1. SamirD

    SamirD New Member

    I've searched the whole planet including Japan for one. Even with the part numbers off my phone, not even nec knows where to get one. :(

    Does anyone have one,or a source?

  2. SamirD

    SamirD New Member

    So to update this, AT&T can get extra batteries. Even when their distributor says they can't. I now have 3 batteries and love the ability to swap out anytime I'm out of power. :)
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  3. tarlcab

    tarlcab New Member

    Mugen Power makes an extended battery and back cover for this phone (on Ebay for around 80-90 bucks).
  4. SamirD

    SamirD New Member

    Very cool! Thank you letting me know!

    Since theyve discontinued the phone, i should be able to pick these up dirt cheap in a few months.
  5. player0807

    player0807 New Member

    Awesome! Thanks for the info!

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