Has Anyone Found a Battery?!?Tips

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  1. SamirD

    SamirD New Member

    I've searched the whole planet including Japan for one. Even with the part numbers off my phone, not even nec knows where to get one. :(

    Does anyone have one,or a source?

  2. SamirD

    SamirD New Member

    So to update this, AT&T can get extra batteries. Even when their distributor says they can't. I now have 3 batteries and love the ability to swap out anytime I'm out of power. :)
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  3. tarlcab

    tarlcab New Member

    Mugen Power makes an extended battery and back cover for this phone (on Ebay for around 80-90 bucks).
  4. SamirD

    SamirD New Member

    Very cool! Thank you letting me know!

    Since theyve discontinued the phone, i should be able to pick these up dirt cheap in a few months.
  5. player0807

    player0807 New Member

    Awesome! Thanks for the info!

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