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Has anyone heard of the CloudTC Glass 1000?

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  1. hawks1282

    hawks1282 Member

    Hello everyone,

    I've been visiting AndroidForums.com for a long time and have found lot's of helpful information here (thank you for this), but have never posted before.

    I've been asked by my company to investigate desktop phones which we would like to develop an app for and resell. The only desktop phone with Android that I've seen is called the CloudTC Glass 1000.

    I searched the forums here and haven't been able to find anything about it (which makes me very wary). As a matter of fact . . . the only sites I can find about the phone seem to be completely devoted to marketing.

    Has anyone heard of or used this device?


  2. ianpales

    ianpales New Member


    Using Glass 1000 atm. ...We decided to move to VoIP recently, (or more specific I did, so my fault all problems we faced on change to VoIP, but thats other story)... Anyway our VoiP provider certifies only SNOM VoIP phones (and only few models). ...for that reason 25 ppl from Finnish office employees have Snom on their desk ...However as I realised that I was able to configure, any Soft VoIP client to work with our provider's SIP server, example iOS & Android clients. (In addition to H/w models "not supported". ...As looking info of voip phones from internet, I found Glass 1000 (which I had never heard about at all) wheb read some reviews (and founf it had won some awards recently)...So I did decided to test one.
    No any probs with setting it up, just quicky went throurh settings from phone and first phone call work immediately. Now after using it for one month, i have nothing to complain ...Well, only small minus compared to my earlier phone (Snom 821 model), is voice quality (that is to recipent party) when using Glass 1000 as speaker phone. Actually I can not say it is big issue or "minus" even to worth of mentione, reason as Snom is known to have one of the best speaker phone (what I have heard) and my "tests" with Glass 1000 I (or actually recipeint) has been comparing speaker phone quality to Snom 821 ...People say that voice quality when using Speaker phone is however good with Glass 1000 ...only that it was even better with Snom 821. However to point out, there is no any difference compared to Snom when speaking from handset of Glass 1000.
    I think that biggest minus with Glass 1000, is lack on "information", seems there is not huge crowd of people using it (as not much hits with Google when searching with model name). Atm, I'm playing with this phone, something like "tweaking it", as it is possible to install any Android apps to this ...Although latest S/W upgrade was released this year, CloudTC Glass-1000 has still Android 2.3 ...Would like to see ICS 4.xx like my Galaxy S3 has ;)


    Ian from Finland
  3. hawks1282

    hawks1282 Member

    Thanks for the information, good to know someone is using it and had a positive experience :)

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