Has anyone received gingerbread yet.....General

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  1. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    If so can u post the con's & pro's

  2. Cave

    Cave Member


    Its Amazingly smooth and fast and 3d camera suppirts flash ;D
  3. Running Gingerbread 2.3.5 now. Just played Angry Birds in 3D! You will need to make sure you update to SuperOneClick 2.2 if you want to root your device.

    I would post proof or a link but this forum doesn't allow new users to do this. :confused:
  4. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    This is from LG's updates and not a custom ROM right?
  5. krustkore

    krustkore New Member

    How did you get this? i'm with rogers in canada, and still haven't received it
  6. sjamehot1948

    sjamehot1948 New Member

    update is out now
  7. krustkore

    krustkore New Member

  8. sjamehot1948

    sjamehot1948 New Member

    fro official lg down load site.
  9. HabsRule93

    HabsRule93 Member

    I just got my Optimus 3D from Rogers last week, and it is still loaded with 2.2.2, and the LG Phone Software Update doesn't seem to include an OS update to 2.3.
  10. Ecniv

    Ecniv Member


    Got mine from lg website under phone updates... search for p920... download the exe...

    Ran it and it updated as expected.

    Good luck
  11. Teslank

    Teslank Member

    this sounds like bullshit.... a LGP925G/LG optimus 3D is for the rogers carrier in QUEBEC...

    and there is no updates available on the LG CANADIAN web site... (anyway the p925g doesnt exists in the usa one)....

    i want definite proof or direct links to that phantom update :( !!!
  12. nh1256

    nh1256 New Member

    Your telling me im in Nova Scotia and no GB so i decided to contact lg and was told GB wasnt coming to canada we have to wait till ICS lame eh?
  13. Teslank

    Teslank Member

    yep , i had iphone before, wasnt an issue to get the firmware upgrades but iphone/apple is not enough evolving in contrast to android... but android dont have a specific brand for the hardware.... so it is quite long before every manufacturer makes its own firmware upgrade...... it works perfect with froyo so why spend money on a upgrade that gonna costs $$$

    thats how it is today
  14. Teslank

    Teslank Member

    dont mistake here, we are not ripped off there, we choosed a cellular because we liked it.... getting free upgrades after a one time purchase is something we could call kindness from LG
  15. d13urg2011

    d13urg2011 New Member

    Im In the uk and finaly got my update yesterday (28-01-2012)

    Battery life is loads Better And Performance is better but only had the update 1 day so will have a week and post if i find anything diffrent
  16. xstokerx

    xstokerx New Member

    the canadain gb for rogers is out a couple days ago
  17. HabsRule93

    HabsRule93 Member

    Finally got the download and update to work (as far as I know the Rogers update is only available through 'LG Mobile Update' or 'LG PC Suite', not directly from the LG Canada or Rogers sites. Hopefully all the promised performance improvements bear out. Converting Angry Birds to 3d was cool.
  18. chychee

    chychee New Member

    Yeah, I've just got the upgrade too. I'm in Toronto using Rogers' network, and like what HabsRule93 said, I was able to download it from LG's US website. Link for anyone with the LG925G:

    LG Product Support for LGP925G

    It looks good. A lot faster than Froyo for sure. My only problem is trying to get the video call feature to work. After all, that's why I went through the trouble to get the upgrade in the first place. :(
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  19. SithLord2K

    SithLord2K Member

    Removed my post here and reposted it under the Root post from main forum.
  20. optimus3df

    optimus3df New Member

    I got the upgrade through the LG PC Suite and have had nothing but problems since. network and other wireless issues, at one point i had 32 apps running in background and app killer did nothing.. the apps just keep opening on their own killing a full charge in 2hrs or less, and apps i have never even used. if there is a way, i would like to go back to 2.2.2 as there was no issues with apps running in background.
  21. optimus3df

    optimus3df New Member

    do you get alot of apps running in the app manager that won't close or close then all open again?
  22. Ecniv

    Ecniv Member

    I've had that since the beginning and haven't found a way around it.

    Seems to be the phone thinking that just maybe you'd use that so it had better run it...?

    I can kill them through the normal task killer though they do come back.


    angry birds in 3d is very good :D
  23. androidrox123

    androidrox123 Member

    I have tried downloading it from lg pc suit and it said that my phone wasnt connected when it was. is there another way to update my phone.
  24. androidrox123

    androidrox123 Member

    I already know that you can do this

    1. goto phone

    2. dial *#*#232546#*#* also known as *#*#checkin#*#*

    but after I do that it says checkin succeeded. what does checkin succeeded mean.
  25. HabsRule93

    HabsRule93 Member

    #optimus3d : Pretty sure that somewhere in the warnings at the start of the update there was a screen that cautioned that you can't roll back the OS to 2.2.

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