Has anyone tried the Crackle app on their Optimus?General

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  1. nightspd

    nightspd Well-Known Member

    Wow I must say it's a pretty neat Netflix/Hulu type app and the video quality isn't too shabby. It took a couple tries before it would connect, but once it did...not too bad and proves the Optimus could handle Netflix and Hulu.

    And yes I would like to be able to watch the occasional video on this small screen.

  2. gerbetta33

    gerbetta33 Well-Known Member

    Crackle doesn't appear on the market for me. Where did you get it
  3. David73

    David73 Well-Known Member

    It's good if you can get it to work
  4. lexluthor

    lexluthor Well-Known Member

    Can't find it in the market on my droid x running gingerbread.

    Any idea where I can get the apk for the free version?
  5. aznsmith

    aznsmith Well-Known Member

    I downloaded crackle. Certain options in the free app tends to crash the application.
    It isn't located in the market. Just install Opera browser and use it to access the app bookmark.
  6. jabailo

    jabailo New Member

    It's not on the Virgin version of Marketplace.

    However, I used QR Droid and got the URL back at Crackle. I then was sent to what must be a generic Marketplace and had to log in with my Google account. At that point I got a download splash screen but when I selected my device (the LG model number for an Optimus V) it said the app was not compatible.

    Too bad because this and Rhapsody would make my phone really valuable on long plane flights. Rhapsody I can download music with. I'm hoping Crackle would let me download movies so I can have media while in Airplane Mode.
  7. ProgramIchiban

    ProgramIchiban Well-Known Member

    I got an APK off of XDA Devs but everytime I play a video it says I need flash.
  8. lizm

    lizm Well-Known Member

    I have Netflix on mine, anyone can, without rooting, even. There's a thread here on the forum with the DL link.

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