Has the infuse caused you to go non Samsung next time?General

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  1. tmaxey1

    tmaxey1 Well-Known Member

    I was wondering how many people due to the lack of support Samsung has given the infuse decided the next phone they buy will not be a Samsung.

    I was thinking about which direction I would go when I am due for an upgrade in January between the galaxy S3 and the HTC one (assuming the next super phone isn't out YET). The biggest advantage the Samsung line had had was super amoled screens. But side by side the HTC LCD is brighter and many consider a better screen. The lack of SD storage is an issue.

    Generally HTC is better with support than Samsung.

    Will this play into your decision next time?

  2. electricpete

    electricpete Well-Known Member

    As it turns out, I bought 5 Samsung Infuses (the whole family took the plunge at the same time... decided it would be better if we all had the same phone so we could learn from each other).

    Bought them before last xmas, have had no significant problems in any of them since then (I am the family geek, so all problems come to me).
    I see a few people on the forum with horror stories, I wonder if that comes from getting a replacement phone which is refurbished (i.e. recycling someone else's headache)
    Have not upgraded to GB..didn't see any need.

    So, I haven't seen anything negative to influence me away from Samsung. I won't shy away from another Samsung phone if it looks to match my needs.
  3. andyinmichigan

    andyinmichigan Well-Known Member

    sometimes. I like the build quality of HTC for the most part, but then again my infise has been pretty solid. I' ve had it at least a year now and no big problems. It gets laggy sometimes. But for the most part it does everything I need it to do regardless of whatever OS build I have. I've thought of doing the GB update, but to be honest I'd just rather leave my phone as is. I'm not up for renewal for awhile so while I think the s3's, nexi, and HTC are all nice there's no use in future shopping, i don't know what wll be out on 6+ months anyway.
  4. Mr. Lucky

    Mr. Lucky Well-Known Member Contributor

    Why would I switch? I've never needed support, and this is the best phone I've ever owned (we have two of them in my family). In fact, it was because of our favorable experience with these phones that we subsequently went out and got two GTab 10.1 tablets.
  5. AtomicCEO

    AtomicCEO Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I would go the other way.

    I've had very shoddy phones from Motorola and HTC where the power and headphone jacks wore out or the cheap case cracked. This phone is a rock compared to those. It's well-made and I've had no issues. I almost bought an LG because my last LG was rock-solid, so I have no hard feelings against them either.

    I wish Samsung pushed more OS updates post-sale, but there isn't a manufacturer out there who is winning business by keeping their phones up to date with Google. Until someone does that, Samsung is my current favorite.

    This particular phone is a bit of a stepchild, positioned between generations of hardware and not technically a Galaxy, so we might be a bit short-changed in attention from the manufacturer. Still, it will definitely carry me through my contract end.

    FYI: Cyanogenmod 9 (ICS) is in release candidates and should be out soon, and the development of unofficial support for the Infuse was picked up by some real cool cats, and has made major progress in the last few months. If you are an adventurous type, you might have a brand new experience on this hardware soon.
  6. Mtbslacker

    Mtbslacker Well-Known Member

    Didn't care all that much for my Infuse due to lack of support but still bought the Galaxy S3
  7. dlee1001

    dlee1001 Well-Known Member

    On the contrary for me. The Infuse is a good phone, but it could have used some more firmware updates after the Gingerbread update. I'm starting to agree with yohannie's stance on this phone that it's a niche.

    Needless to say, as soon as my upgrade date arrives, I'm going to go with the S3 as well. If the Galaxy Note 2 is also a flagship phone (is it, and was the original Note as well?), then it's going to have the same features and beyond as the S3 for me to consider getting that instead.

    So the lack of support that the Infuse receive did bother me a lot, but it won't make me to not get another Samsung phone. I'm the kind of person who likes getting software and firmware updates.

    And I really like the innovation that Samsung does in its software, as is evident in the S3.

    That's the thing that was bothering me the most. Whenever I want an app and the description lists the device compatibility or read something online regarding Samsung's Galaxy line of phones, the Infuse is almost never listed. For example, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kr.sira.sound&hl=en explains the phones that were calibrated. The Infuse is not one of them.

    The sound meter listed at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bti.soundMeter&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5idGkuc291bmRNZXRlciJd has a settings menu where you can pick a device that has been calibrated with the app, so as to better calibrate your phone with the sound meter. Again, in the settings menu, the Infuse is not listed.

    This often makes me wonder if the Infuse is a Galaxy phone at all or if it was just made to look like one. Not to mention that the Infuse misses out on all the 4G LTE fun.

    Also, I agree with how this phone was placed in between generations. I don't like how this phone has 512 MB of RAM and a single-core CPU, though they're probably more than enough for most things. But I find the RAM usage to be always near the top, which slows it down a lot. A dual-core CPU could have also done some better things to the battery as well.
  8. Rich_A

    Rich_A Member

    I have had many Samsung phones over the years, but the Infuse is the first smart phone for me.

    I have been seriously considering dumping Samsung/Android OS for a few reasons that I can not attribute necessarily to the phone or OS.

    1. I get a TWLANUCHER error about once a week. This causes my phone to overheat (it gets really hot in my pocket) and quickly drain the battery if I do not turn it off and back on. Sometimes even freezes while shutting down when this occurs.
    2. I have never been happy with the GPS performance. My kids iphones 4 and 4s always perform better.
    3. I have a few apps that seem to forget many of my settings. I have contacted the programmers and the typical answer is that it is either an OS or Samsung issue.

    Based on these, I am leaning to an iphone next time. My kids never have a problem with them, and the cost is equivalent to a top model Samsung.
  9. dlee1001

    dlee1001 Well-Known Member

    #1 #2 are not normal behaviors with any phone. You may have defective firmware. Try doing a factory reset, and if that doesn't solve the problem, try and have AT&T replace your phone under warranty. The original Galaxy S series were known to have GPS issues. It is possible that the Infuse has the same GPS chip.

    There may also be apps installed on your phone that are causing the TWLauncher errors. As much as my phone has problems with rebooting, I have almost never gotten any TWLauncher errors; the same applied to my first Infuse.

    Please give Samsung and Android another chance. Samsung makes great phones, and Android is implied to be eons ahead of iOS. Take a look at wicked4u2c's YouTube channel featuring Android vs. iOS: (Part 1) Android Vs iOS The Truth about Apple and Google's OS Part 1 of 5 - YouTube. You can click the links following them to see the other 4 parts.

    Remember that even though there are great phones out there, there is no perfect phone. No phone is without its own set of problems. Even the iPhone 4S has problems, like Bluetooth issues, earpiece issues, and battery drain issues, all of which were fixed by Apple.

    Oh, and speaking of Bluetooth, you can't do Bluetooth file transfers on an iPhone. Neither can you use the iPhone as an external hard drive.

    Keep in mind that the price of the top Samsung Android phone and an iPhone may be equivalent to each other, but that you are making a choice between virtually unlimited customizations and user freedom vs. simplicity and strict limitations on how you use your phone.

    The reason the issues on the iPhone 4S were fixed by Apple so quickly as compared to issues with the Infuse is all based on flagship status. The Infuse is not a flagship phone. If you want more information on this, contact yohannie or see the other posts that yohannie made regarding the Infuse. You might have much better luck using a flagship phone, so try to get your hands on the Galaxy S3 (which, by the way, has a barometer that helps with GPS signal lock) and play with it for a while. I've done exactly that with the floor models, and you won't believe how much better it is compared to the Infuse, which stays in my pocket untouched for the whole time I explore the Galaxy S3. It is dubbed by some tech sites as the "iPhone killer."
  10. solassidhe

    solassidhe New Member

    I agree with most of the postings about Samsung devices being well built. I have dropped my Infuse at least 10 times with and without a case/screen protector on it. Still works great. My only complaint is not being about to watch movies or tv shows over my regular data connection. It freezes and does that stupid buffering crap. Have full signal and it still does it. Have to be on wifi hook up before it will work half way decently but it still does it sometimes. I am not sure if its the processor or what though. Design,build, and durability I would most definitely give it a 5 out of 5. :)
  11. solassidhe

    solassidhe New Member

    Launcher apps made my Infuse go all wonky. Lots of times it maybe the app that's causing issues but he is right about the firmware. Amazon app store app or the apps I dloaded through their app store wouldn't work correctly until I upgraded from 2.2 to 2.3 OS.
  12. dparrothead1

    dparrothead1 Member

    You got to be kidding. Every time I think about upgrading, I say to myself...."Self, what would a new phone do that your Infuse doesn't"....the answer is always "nothing"!!!!

    As far as support goes.....can you spell XDA?? And now I am running Jelly Bean....It's even more fantastic!

    [ROM][JellyBean] CNA 3.1.0 for Samsung Infuse [PORT] - xda-developers
  13. Egidio

    Egidio Well-Known Member

    From an old iPhone user... I'm sticking with Android and Samsung, but I'll switch back to Sprint. AT&T sucks!

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