Has xt502 fm radio?General

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  1. xt5

    xt5 New Member

    has xt502 fm radio?

  2. Amanxs

    Amanxs Member

    Yes it has... in stock ROM:)
  3. xt5

    xt5 New Member

    have you root? may upload or send e-mail fm radio app?
  4. Amanxs

    Amanxs Member

    Unfortunately myXT is running CyanogenMod without radio (i'm using tunein radio from market), but let me find out (not promising) wether i can find it for u or not.
  5. pamfu

    pamfu New Member

    I'm in India and I got an XT502 on 25th Jan 2011. It does not have FM Radio Function! Does it have the hardware? Has it been disabled by Motorola for the Indian Market? If so, can get some app to enable it?

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