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Has your 3G went out?

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  1. landonh12

    landonh12 Well-Known Member

    Right now I am not receiving any internet connection over 3G. With all of the work being done to the network, I believe that is the problem. I was just wondering if any of you guys are having this problem.

  2. hiwatt

    hiwatt Well-Known Member

    My 3G is working but I cannot receive picture messages.
  3. taomaster99

    taomaster99 Active Member

    I haven't had a problem.
  4. mrnyjet

    mrnyjet Well-Known Member

    mine never worked only in my home zip code in the first place. Was ok evrywhere else in the city and inner suburbs. They do not even list my city for the 4g lte and 3g improvements on the sprint update site for this year. So, i had to go back to lesser phone on previous prepaid network so i could use voice and web without problems.
  5. SuperAfnan

    SuperAfnan Well-Known Member Contributor

    You need to flash harmonia then go into settings and update profile and prl. That was the solution for me. If that doesn't work go back to a stock rom and call virgin.
  6. nastagol

    nastagol Member

    it is because vm is improving is whole coverage and data speed , they are replacing everything ,they say that per example data could be out for 4 months in mid cities . its called their network vision .. here is there post on their website news!

    Hi! We wanted to let you know we’re building an all-new network to give you better service than ever, and that this enhanced service is being rolled out to your area right now.
    A series of 3G capacity enhancements are underway, designed to give our customers greater speed and a richer, seamless experience. Virgin Mobile USA is powered by Sprint which is in the process of a complete overhaul of its networks, replacing existing equipment with the newest, most advanced tools available in the industry through its Network Vision program.
    These advanced network improvements are designed to give you fewer dropped calls, expanded coverage area, and improved indoor/outdoor signal strength. In addition, improvements to data connection to access emails, apps and the internet will be made with faster downloading, surfing and streaming.
    As we add capacity across the country,Network Visionwork is underway on more than 38,000 cell sites. Following are some FAQs to give you a better understanding of this activity.
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  7. SuperAfnan

    SuperAfnan Well-Known Member Contributor

    Well well well...

    I am glad I jumped the tmobile ship because it appears the virgin ship is sinking and it will take it like 4 months to salvage and rebuild it.

    Some of you guys should buy a nexus 4 and then go to tmobile. You may actually get your money's worth and not deal with this bad service. It will also improve virgin if more people leave because they will try and make it more appealing to people and improve customer satisfaction when they realize their mistakes and prevent them in the future. :)
  8. aml1025

    aml1025 Well-Known Member

    Network Vision upgrades may be the cause of some localized outages, but the major, nationwide problems since Feb. 9 have been primarily due to Virgin Mobile's system upgrades. Data and texting went down for a lot of people at first; texting took several days to fix, and although the data problem was deemed cleared earlier this week, some people still haven't regained their access. There has also been a voice outage for about 9 days now; I believe March 6th in the estimated resolution date for that one.

    While I don't have specific links to the information, it's all been in responses by the Facebook "Virgin Angels" to angry customers these past three weeks, as well as some of my personal correspondence with them (for 9 days now, I've been stung by the voice outage). I do know that the migration of accounts to the new system was halted and they don't know when the process will be completed. That's why some people can still log into their accounts and see the notice that new Terms and Conditions will take effect soon, while others got a message that upgrades were complete and the new T & C were in effect.

    It's a mess, and the fact that Network Vision upgrades as well as other, sporadic outages are still going on as well makes it even worse.
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  9. vmforlife

    vmforlife Well-Known Member

    I have not had data for many weeks. I tried everything and have been on the phone with Virgin for hours. It is a real problem. Im hoping it clears in the next month.

    I did manage a fix that lasted for a few hours by changing my msid mdn to all "1"'s then reboot then back to my msid and mdn and reboot. It worked for exactly 2 hours then data went out again. I tried it again but no joy.

    Others may have better luck. Please share.
  10. SuperAfnan

    SuperAfnan Well-Known Member Contributor

    Why are some of you dealing with the bs. Having an outage for months is completely unacceptable, especially for a little "upgrade" such as network vision that improves data speed not even by a megabyte (typical sprint/virgin). :banghead:
  11. m-cman

    m-cman Well-Known Member

    Isn't there some Government agency in charge of this? At least report it to the Better Business Bureau. Or some online consumer website. As SuperAfnan said, this is unacceptable under any circumstances!!! I would be bitching to everyone who would listen!!
  12. miediev

    miediev Well-Known Member

  13. m-cman

    m-cman Well-Known Member

    Maybe if everyone with a problem filed a complaint with the FCC at least they might try to do a better job... :rolleyes:
  14. dukenukems

    dukenukems Active Member

    Only time mine went out was for like 30minutes 2nights ago.I also saw this morning that there was a new tower being put up.
  15. vmforlife

    vmforlife Well-Known Member

    Mine just came back on. Out for a month. Coincidentally today was my re-up date. I THINK MY SERVICE HAD TO CYCLE THROUGH MY MONTHLY REACTIVATE TO CLEAR THE ISSUE.
    Im glad its back.
    over 5 hours on phone with VM and could not clear the issue. They said I would have to replace the handset and that would end my $25 grandfathered plan. I knew nothing was wrong with the handset so glad I did not jump on a new phone. IM using the Optimus Elite. Works for me.
  16. mistichunter

    mistichunter Well-Known Member

    ive seen some otages in the southeast texas area. i was in port arthur texas last week. and man 4g and 3g have alot of outages in the houston, beaumont, and port arthur area. i guess its because of the improvements
  17. vmforlife

    vmforlife Well-Known Member

    It was not location in my case. I travel extensively. Chicago, Orlando, Cleveland and even Honolulu yielded me no data.
    As soon as my monthly re-up started today.....shazam... data came back.
  18. 350X

    350X Well-Known Member

    always goto their facebook page and say something like

    3G out in [zipe code here]

    they will respond with a time to repair.
  19. m-cman

    m-cman Well-Known Member

    Well. the problems have hit me in the Dallas area. I went over four days without being able to log in to my VM account. Cust svc said it was new system updates. Finally was able to log in two days ago but have had no 3g or 4g for the two days since. Wish I hadn't just replaced my OP V with a EVO V or I would be out of VM forever. Just too many problems with connections and speed over the last two years... :mad:
  20. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    You are making me even happier that I switched from Virgin Mobile to T-Mobile last July. Service last July was to the point that I didn't want to stay, just from the extremely slow 3G speeds and spotty 4G coverage in my area. I can't imagine not even having 3G -- though I guess it wouldn't be that much slower than the speeds I was getting last summer.
  21. vmforlife

    vmforlife Well-Known Member

    Now that my 3g has returned its better than ever.
    I was with T-mo for over 5 years and paid through the nose for horrible coverage and EDGE speed at best. I finally gave up and went ot virgin for Android and my awesome $25 plan on the Optimus Elite.
    I alslo have a Blackberry 3g on Simple Mobile for business. That uses Tmo's network but at a greatly reduced prepay cost especially for Blackberry service.
    I guess everyone has a bad experience from time to time with every carrier.

    Im just glad my data is back!
  22. ragnarkar

    ragnarkar Well-Known Member

    My 3G seems to be working a little better than in the past (or maybe it's my mind playing tricks).. but I haven't had 4G in almost a month! :(

    This is in Southern California..
  23. adniral4

    adniral4 New Member

    my 3g has been out since yesterday, and i get a constant error 67 message. (virgin mobile). I am mad as heck..
  24. miediev

    miediev Well-Known Member

    Error 67 means you don't have service. I've had error 67 on my Elite when I tried using wireless hotspot tethering using certain apps. It happened to me a few times but I was luck that a reboot fixed it. You can try pulling the battery, waiting a minute and then putting it back and powering on your phone. It will try to reconnect to the network. Otherwise you need to call VM and they'll walk you through resetting your phone.
  25. vmforlife

    vmforlife Well-Known Member

    Yes. Error 67 is usually the result of trying hotspot on your phone. It won't clear itself. You need to reset your service. Call VM and if you tried hotspot, tell them that. They will reset your service.

    My outage was not a resultof error 67. I wish it had been. It cud have been cleared quickly. Im jist glad to have it back......and it truly is better than ever.

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