Has your GS2 got the "Brick Bug"?

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  1. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    It is possible that flashing ICS kernels can brick your device. GB kernels were safe, but not so for ICS. It occurs if a bad kernel issues a certain erase method, whereby your device will lose all ability to boot thereafter.

    This problem mainly effects the Galaxy Note, but it is possible certain GS2's can also be affected (depending on what chip you have and what kernel you flash)

    Good old Chainfire has written an app that can detect if your GS2's chip to see if it can be affected or not. The app can be downloaded in his Brick Bug Thread

    According to this app, mine is affected! :( I will now need to be very careful what kernels I flash in future. I will now only ever flash Siyah, and I will also make sure any ROMs I flash only come with Chainfire or Siyah kernels.

  2. jayroller

    jayroller Well-Known Member

    Quite true, and mine falls into the "ohnoes!" category also, however, Entropy's post says
    Of course as you say, there could be a danger with an unknown, new kernel but then there's always been a danger present in that situation anyway, to my mind. So I'm not too concerned (honest guv!), but it's good to have the info - just in case... ;)
  3. Logan47

    Logan47 Disabled

    Same here. Probably most are in same boat unless they show as unknown. I'll stick to cm9 builds as they seem safe enough. I must have flashed over 30 roms in the last 6 months.......ignorance is indeed bliss. :eek:
  4. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    Ok been doing a bit of further digging.

    It seems the problem exists when a wipe data/factory reset is issued in CWM or you do a CWM restore. The problem lies with the existing kernel, and not the kernel you are flashing.

    I think (and I stress THINK) ROM Nuke script would be safe as far as factory reset etc. is concerned, as this contains a GB update-binary. I've been doing a ROM Nuke all the time between ROMs anyway. I can't say for certain this is definitely safe, but I can say its definitely safer than doing it manually via CWM.

    Until Samsung iron out the problem and the fixes get passed on between ROMs and kernels and developers, the only 100% safe way is to use Odin as this does not interact with your current kernel, but no ROMs are in .tar/md5 format these days barring Lite'ning.

    Providing we stick with Siyah (which is know to be safe, not having MMC_CAP_ERASE enabled) we should be safe whatever we do. The problem may arise when we flash a ROM that may be bundled with an unsafe kernel.

    GS2Wiper is safe to use regardless of if you have an unsafe kernel or not. Not only does it have the GB update-binary, but it no longer issues any format commands (for cache/dalvik)

    Upshot for now is, don't use stock kernels, or chainfire kernels (as these are pure stock kernels with CWM attached), use ROM Nuke, dont use CWM to factory reset (or even via the settings menu of the running handset) and stick to Siyah. (Neak I would think is safe too)

    I have to stress however, that the I9100 is at the very lowest risk category compared to all other devices, so the chances are extremely slim, so you can almost guarantee all kernels to be safe.
  5. caloyzki

    caloyzki Well-Known Member

    i have the brick problem too. maybe i am gonna stop flashing or trying a diff rom as of the moment?
  6. hippityhop

    hippityhop Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry Hawker but I'm kinda skeptical on this. Maybe it's an overblown issue. Is this bug something that was just created, or something that has lay benign? Most of us, of course including you, have been flashing roms and kernels for at least half a year, and 99.9% definitely have not bricked our phones. I dont understand why suddenly, out of the blue we have this problem.
  7. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    I've already said our devices are right down at the very lowest end of the risk table. It's just that since ics has rolled out, its possible certain ics kernels could trigger the bug. Gb kernels could not exploit the problem code in the chip.

    There is no harm in making you all aware of the issue.
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  8. lotsip81

    lotsip81 Well-Known Member

    After reading this I checked mine out, and mine is one that is affected as well. I can say from my own personal experience that I have use CWM to do the 4 wipes as well as Hawkers program as well. So far I have had no issues. I generally stay with the more well known rom and kernel makers, but I have also to dabble other places as well.

    But what I can say is this, Chanfire and Hawker have a lot more experience in programming and coding than most of us do. If they tell us there is a possibility that flashing could brick our devices, then I believe the chance is there. But after reading CF and Hawkers postings about this, it does indeed seem our chances are low.

    I for one appreciate the heads up and am grateful to have the knowledge that this could happen. Hopefully it never does, but at least if it does I have an idea of why.
  9. naith_kk

    naith_kk Well-Known Member

    So, as long as the drivers/mmc/host/mshci.c source code of any kernel used has MMC_CAP_ERASE removed or disabled by developer default, then the kernel is most likely a safe kernel.

    This is good to know... at least when experimenting flashing new kernels.

    Reference: Entropy512 (Conditions: Point no.3)
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  10. MatchstiK

    MatchstiK Member

    It's funny that some are saying to only stick to chainfire or siyah, when the siyah rc6 (quickly pulled) was the only known kernel for sgs2 that had the issue.

    So this app just confirms that your phone is susceptible, not that you have a bad kernel. Sounds like most people will be susceptible, but almost 0 will have a bad kernel currently installed.
  11. naith_kk

    naith_kk Well-Known Member

    Gokhanmoral said that he implemented a patch in that was coded by Samsung on the matter of eMMC chip issue... I'm guessing thats the issue that Entropy512 was describing about.

    What I want to know is... is this patch permanent and flashes the problematic chip to function as it should; or does it mean only to protect Siyah kernel binaries from making a fatal mistake?
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  12. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    I do not think that Hawker intended this thread to spread alarm and panic.

    Rather it should be treated as a FYI, (For Your Information).

    Firstly so that you are aware that the possibility exists and secondly to exercise good judgement when it comes to flashing kernels or ROM's with kernels, particularly if it is from a previously unknown developer.

    It's a bit like that advice about not standing under an oak tree during a thunder and lightning storm... unlikely that you'll be struck... but why push your luck!
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  13. Logan47

    Logan47 Disabled

    Indeed. I'll still be flashing roms but not everything under the sun and probably pay more attention to kernel specifics. A unfortunate set of circumstances has to be met for this to befall anyone. If we wants a total comfort zone then best to stick to one rom, but where's the fun in that? :p
  14. Romulous

    Romulous Well-Known Member

    I tested my S2 today and it is affected.

    Would I be right in saying that if I keep my kernel as siyah then I could use any ROM or am I missing the point entirely.

    Incidentally I have been using CAN to do my wipes.
  15. Sword Fish

    Sword Fish Well-Known Member

    I have been flashing 2-3 new ICS ROMS every week and havent had any issues. I mainly use Siyah but have tried fluxi and abyss kernels without issues. I preordered my S3 and it is supposed to be here in one week so if I do have an issue, I shouldn't be out for long...
  16. glore2002

    glore2002 Well-Known Member

    Very interesting Hawker. Thanks for the post.

    So What should we do now?

    Thank you!
  17. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Adopt the crash position as displayed on the aircraft in-flight, safety cards, and bend over and place your head firmly between your knees...

    and kiss your ass goodbye! :D

    I think the easy answer is NOT to install the LQ5 firmware and, wherever possible, use a kernel, such as Siyah, that has the anti brick patch.
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  18. Rudedawg

    Rudedawg Well-Known Member

    Yay im in the endangered club! Party!!!

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