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  1. slab

    slab New Member

    I have a Samsung Moment, and the battery life is horrible. I always have problems with my battery running out before the day is over. That being said, my friend and I are in an engineering class and are working on a solution to the battery life issue. We have a survey we created and we really need some more results on it. We'd really appreciate it if some people would take it. Here is the link: Small Electronics and Battery Life Survey
    Any other input is welcome as well.

  2. SoulTerror

    SoulTerror Well-Known Member

    It really varies with the Moment. IMO it's a hardware problem. I'm on my third Moment, with the original battery from my original Moment and before I could only get about 10 hours of life give or take a few hours. With my 3rd Moment, I have gone almost 2 days on a single charge.
  3. pastafarian

    pastafarian Pâtes avec votre foie Moderator

    Root, apply a more thrifty kernel, use juice defender or similar, then decide. Battery life is so dependent on location. If your data signal is bad or inconsistent, you're going to burn through battery regardless of how many bars you may have.

    I mean no disrespect, but the survey is worthless IMHO.
  4. someguyatx

    someguyatx Well-Known Member

    Haha this is obviously a class project :D Anyway it literally took one minute so I hooked you up

    If you even own an Moment I noticed than when my signal is bad the battery dies very quickly. Somebody else suggested using smoda widget to turn off data connection when in poor signal area and my battery life doubled.
  5. EmoTonyB

    EmoTonyB Well-Known Member

    being signed into an IM client cuts my battery life more than half.
  6. slab

    slab New Member

    I've tried finding root access for the moment but can't find it. They seem to have it for every other android phone but not the moment. can someone give me a link?
  7. pastafarian

    pastafarian Pâtes avec votre foie Moderator

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