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  1. pvmehrer

    pvmehrer New Member

    My Huawei Ascend 2 keeps telling me that I have insufficient application storage, insufficient browser storage, and now insufficient inbox storage. I deleted all my messages in my inbox and it is still telling me I have insufficient storage and I cannot receive any texts. Its really irritating and I don't know what to do! Please help if you can!

  2. miklin83

    miklin83 Member

    Mine did the same thing. I read somewhere it was something to do with a update w/ market or google play. I uninstalled the update and that problem was gone.
  3. supernovax

    supernovax New Member

    Have you cleared your cashe yet? Fixed my similar issue. I did it through handcent app (free)
  4. wuz2blu

    wuz2blu New Member

    How did you uninstall an update? Where do i begin looking for updates that i might decide to uninstall?

    I know next to nothing about Android software. :eek:
  5. mshine1214

    mshine1214 New Member

    I was searching this forum and decided to take the advice of uninstalling the Google Play store. To do it, I:

    went to menu, then my phone settings, then applications, then manage applications, then I clicked on Google Play, then I clicked the option to uninstall updates. It downgraded the currently installed Google Play store to the original factory version Android Market.

    I was able to make some updates to other applications, and again my phone storage space is getting low, so I just concluded that the internal storage space is really small. Uninstalling the Google Play update did free up space.
  6. pauljulian

    pauljulian Member

    Small amount of internal memory, and I haven't been able to get the Play Store to default downloading to the card... probably no way to do that, but the download cache does get filled pretty quickly, and without the ability to root Straight Talk's version, no way to clear that cache... but the ST people seem to think I want to "unlock" the phone... kinda hard to do that on a CDMA device, but low-budget companies don't tend to invest much time and effort into training, it seems.
  7. CricketTech

    CricketTech Member

    Please check the memory of you internal storage (setting-applications-manage app-all-internal storage. check how many MB free you have)
    you should have atleast 30mb for your phone no to forceclose
    move apps to sd card or uninstall it,(select the app you'll see the option)

    if it didnt work Factory reset. (it will delete everything that is on your internal storage i.e contact numbers,messages,gmail it will not affect you sd card)

    Setting-privacy-factory reset-reset phone-erase everything.

    make syre to dial *228 send after :)
  8. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    Wow, look at all the new members - welcome to the forums! :D

    My daughter's friend has an Ascend 2 and it had the same problem... to the extent that the phone was unable to do anything. Here's how I fixed it:

    The "insufficient storage" alert indicates that the phone's internal system memory is full. This memory is critical in the phone's performance of even basic tasks.

    One thing to do is uninstall un-wanted apps. OR you can go to Settings --> Apps and move as many apps as possible to the SD card. Some can't be moved, and others SHOULDN'T be moved (if the app has a homescreen widget, don't move it to the SD card).

    Once we went through and cleaned out her apps / moved them to the SD card, the "insufficient memory" alert disappeared and the phone now works again. But it's something you need to keep an eye on: this phone doesn't have a lot of memory to begin with.

    Hope this helps :)
  9. CricketTech

    CricketTech Member

    move apps to sd cardor do factory data reset. save your phone numbers to sd card. let me know if you need help; :)

  10. actualsize

    actualsize Member

    Yeah just get in the habit of cleaning it and there's plenty of space unless you are a facebook junkie. Facebook grows to dozens of megabytes. Google Plus is even worse.

    Reason why is these people have a lot of idiot programmers these days who can't bum code. But hey, good help isn't cheap, is it? Oh well.
  11. keelee420

    keelee420 New Member

    My contacts storage keeps growing and growing, but I have not added a new contact in about a month. It says database is full but Ive deleted over 100 contacts. Will clearing the data of the contacts storage delete all of my contacts? if so, what can i do to fix this? ive done everything on this except factory reset. and nothing has worked. i have yet to do the factory reset because i dont know how to backup my contacts. please help!
  12. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    Hi Keelee and welcome to the forums! :)

    If your contacts are synced with your Google account, you will not lose them after a factory reset. Google stores your contacts and app download history in the cloud, and will download them again once you log back into the phone on the other side of the reset. Any contacts you delete, though, are gone... as Google assumes you no longer want them and deletes them too.

    To check to make sure your contacts are synced, go to Settings -> Accounts and tap your Google account. "Contacts" should be synced.

    Hope this helps and it's great to have you aboard!
  13. dustov

    dustov New Member

    I came here to learn to root my Huawei for this very reason - constant insuffecient storage messages. Rooting is supposed to allow me to delete the junk, such as the game "Bubble Bash" "Muve Music" "Uno" etc that Cricket puts on these phones. Will doing so free up some of the tiny built-in memory these phones have so I can download a few more apps that I want on my phone?
  14. bethmclean1975

    bethmclean1975 New Member

    I have an SD card for mine and it wont let me move facebook, messenger or my games to the sd card. any reason why? My old LG allowed me to have a lot of that stuff on the SD card.
  15. brett5072

    brett5072 New Member

    Yea I did too, seems that the topic might have been somewhat lost. The information given wasnt helpful at all
  16. blueeyiz702

    blueeyiz702 Member

    There is app on market for free,called linktosd i use on rooted ascend2. ive got close to 70 apps on phone and plenty of space for 70 more! Never have problem and only prerequisites are your roted and have second partion on sd,ext2,3, or 4 whatever one choice may be. go check it out it should help solve storage problems!

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