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Have a sluggish phone?

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  1. donjuro

    donjuro Well-Known Member Developer

    This is more of a post for those who are having problems with a sluggish phone.
    I'm not sure what the issue with my phone was, but I feel like it was supercharger v6. My phone would take 10 minutes as compared to what my phone can now do in 10 seconds. It could be something else, I'm not sure, but here was my fix.
    Be sure to be rooted with a custom recovery.
    http://androidforums.com/force-4g-lte-all-things-root/742335-rom-droidsmith_force-beta.html (stock, stable and debloated)
    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1933849 (For init.d support) (optional)
    http://db.tt/ftyObcwP (even though it's optional, I think you guys will really like them. It includes a binary too, I'll explain later.)

    So basically what I'm telling you guys to do is start with a blank slate. But before you do anything, if you wanna keep your contacts (if they're not saved to your Google account) and your SMS' make sure to back them up and whatever else is important, but not apps (I'm asking you guys to start a blank slate), and make a nandroid as always.
    The optional part, install and enable init.d support. After enabling init.d, unzip the scripts and copy the scripts to /etc/init.d, the zipalign binary goes in /system/xbins if it doesn't exist.
    Basically what the scripts do is zipaligns all your apks, another sets your SD cache to 4096, sets the scheduler to deadline (this one is more performance based, the default one I think called cfq is for moving hard drives) and attempts to default the governor to msm-dcvs, the default is ondemand2, msm-dcvs is a governor designed to take advantage of the Qualcomm CPU and run optimally, but for some reason this part doesn't work for me, however, the last script does work and changes the governor, but does so in different states, when the screen is on it uses msm-dcvs, when it's off it uses powersave, so while on, it runs smooth and when it's off the battery lasts days (not really, by my battery does last twice as long and stays cool, when my phone was sluggish it would be above the 100s F, now it stays around the 80 - 90's).
    I did flash something else that's supposed to improve performance without affecting the battery, but I didn't see any difference. I can't remember the name of it but if anyone really wants to try it I can find it.

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  2. bcrichster

    bcrichster Well-Known Member

    Plz let me know that last one..?
  3. donjuro

    donjuro Well-Known Member Developer

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