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  1. sequence

    sequence New Member

    I just buy and new for android OS. it's use android os 1.5 and i haven't seen android market.

    How to install android market? or can I update os to 1.6 or 2.0?

    Please recommend me.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. artee

    artee Member

    No, you can't get Android Market and AFAIK there's no 1.6 available.

    Read my other messages here, you'll find what is possible.

    Note: it's easy to install .apk files, it's hard to get those, except for some apps (mostly open source / Free Software - which happen to interest me most).

    My favourite FLOSS apps (for navigation): navit, rmaps (I have all of Europe from OSM (1.8GB) in vector data for navit, and with Mobile Atlas Creator I can get all maps in bitmap data, all offline, fully usable without data connection).
    The built-in tracker is actually very nice too.
  3. cyril008

    cyril008 Member

    update ur firmware ...from acer 'my support'...u get slide me market app............
  4. mhamood

    mhamood New Member

    android 2,1 update acer e110 dawnlod
  5. artee

    artee Member

    Is there really such a thing?

    On the acer portal, which country should I choose to find it?

    Latest thing I found (didn't update yet) is 4.000.04.EMEA, I have the one before that (4.000.01), still android 1.5

    I would be really surprised if they'd put 2.1 on the E110...
  6. cyril008

    cyril008 Member

    check ur firmware version on phone and...acer has no plans of updating to foryo or eclair...roms are custom modded firmwares..they are made by individual developers..unfortunately..no one has our phone..hiihh
  7. heyvinzhere

    heyvinzhere Member

    guys chek thi out.. if anyone is havin any programming knowledge we could make a recovery rom nd try various roms..
    i jus foun this website describing how to make recovery roms..
    go through it nd post if any one find anythingg..

  8. sridharsriramoju

    sridharsriramoju New Member

    i tried but i getting image version is not same a
  9. KevinMeij

    KevinMeij New Member


    I had the same problem but stumbled on a french website, : acer-club.fr , half way thru there are 2 downloadlinks, download them both.
    Then start with the programme ruth install it, reboot system.
    Then start ruth programme he will ask for a rom, now that is the second file you downloaded, select it (do not unzip it first).

    Disconnect your phone from the pc, take out the battery of youre phone, re-insert it.
    when the programme says looking for device.
    Then press the left key (left side of the circle and simultaniusly the green phone (connect) key and insert the usb cable

    then after a few seconds the phone will be flashed with a android 1.5 version with market !

    worked for me!

    greetz Kevin

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