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  1. RustyAndroid

    RustyAndroid New Member

    I just picked up my first Android phone, used BB prior.

    Here is my issue, i turn on my phone and I can make one call, all subsequent calls I just get a call ended message. If I restart my phone I can make one more call, rinse and repeat to infinity and beyond. I have full bars. If I go into wireless and networks I can select and register with the speakout network, however if I go into call settings > additional settings I get a network or sim card error.

    android version: 2.3.3
    build number: gingerbread.xxkpe
    carrier: Speakout (uses rogers network)

    Anyone have any ideas what my issue is?

  2. RustyAndroid

    RustyAndroid New Member

    Returned the phone and picked up a HTC Legend instead, everything is fine and dandy. Actually like the Legend more to be honest.
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