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Have two HTC Hero's, would like one to mirror the other, one problem:Root (Browse All)

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  1. AlteredBeast

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    Jul 12, 2010
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    Here is the rundown:

    I have two HTC Hero's. I bought them at the same time at they both had the same OS on them at the beginning. I was going to sell one and the guy I was going to sell it to flashed it to Sprint and to 2.1.

    Now here is the problem, I couldn't end up selling it to him because I can give it back and get my ETF back (I got the phones for free, but would have had to pay 350 for the ETF on the phone I didn't need). I need this phone to be its original version and firmware (and carrier) but the carrier and software is not listed online.

    I still have the other phone working still with its original firmware. Is there a way I can copy the firmware or OS from the original to the one that was updated?

    I would appreciate any and all help like crazy! I dont know well what I am doing, but can definitely follow directions. :)


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