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  1. bigbilll

    bigbilll Member

    All I can say is Wow! Set one up for Home, Work and Car. Very Very convenient. Is Sony the only folks that have this. You would think they would advertise what you can do with them. -Bill

  2. CX876

    CX876 Member


    I got my Xperia TL today from an authorize AT&T dealer,
    they charge $99 for the phone but throw in an Incipio case, a screen protector, and a pack of (4) Sony SmartTag for free,

    I like the idea of the SmartTag but however its setting does not let you turn on the GPS nor flight mode,
    so it is pretty useless to me.
  3. Auth0r

    Auth0r New Member

    I do believe that Samsung has their own called TecTiles. These should work with any NFC device, much like Tagstand's own tags, and Sony's SmartTags.
  4. dr g

    dr g Well-Known Member

    Yep the generic name is NFC tags, and you can indeed do much better pricewise if you shop around ... :)

    As far as I know, Xperia Smartags are tiny (Mifare Ultralight 64 byte) so almost any NFC tag available for the phone market should work.

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