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Have you Used these Apps?: Bubbles, Marionette, Tom's Dinner, User GuideSupport

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  1. Carol2

    Carol2 Active Member

    I found these apps listed in "All Apps": Bubbles, Marionette, Tom's Dinner, User Guide. Have you used them? What do they do? I assume the User Guide has something to do with the Motion or ICS, but how about the other three?

    How did you get to them? They do not appear in my Apps Drawer. How did you find them and open them?


  2. colinp123

    colinp123 Well-Known Member

    Those are wallpapers, accept for the users guide obviously. But you can get to wallpapers by pressing and holding on a blank section on your home screen and a window will pop up and tap on "live wallpapers" and you will see Bubbles, Tom's Dinner, Marionette. as well as a few others.
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  3. Carol2

    Carol2 Active Member

    Thanks, Colin. That fixed a sleepless night. :)

    I wonder how I get to the User Guide?

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