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Having a bunch of issues with my phone...

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  1. Jack Lias

    Jack Lias Member

    I'm using a Motorola Milestone, and I'm having a lot of problems with it.

    1) The phone simply cannot stay connected to WiFi. I've downloaded an app called WiFi fixer, but that disconnects the WiFi first in order to fix it, which defeats the purpose. I don't have access to the router to change any settings, but my roommates who are using Android haven't mentioned any problems staying connected.

    2) About one out of five times I send a text message, it comes back with the little envelope with an ! icon, saying it couldn't be delivered. This happens very frequently and I have to resend the message, sometimes two or three times.

    3) My phone will randomly restart itself. Doesn't matter if it's plugged into a power source or not, it's all fair game as far as the phone is concerned.

    4) The Facebook app seems to have a problem if I'm trying to use it while connected to WiFi. It says something about "the connection was lost."


  2. ExtremeNerd

    ExtremeNerd Well-Known Member

    First off, I recommend a data factory reset. Many times that will fix most issues. Just be sure you contacts are backed up to Google first. That should fix 1-3

    As to Facebook, the app sucks. It could be the app's fault, or the factory reset could fix everything.

    The factory reset is located in your settings. Not sure where in motoblur, but try security.
  3. Jack Lias

    Jack Lias Member

    How do I automatically back up my contacts to Google?

    EDIT: Also, if I do a factory reset, will I need to do anything else, or will my phone still work with my number?
  4. ExtremeNerd

    ExtremeNerd Well-Known Member

    When you set up your device, you should have checked "Automatically sync my device." If you're not sure, go into settings, accounts and sync, click your Google account, and sync it now.

    It won't change your phone number. It just wipes portions of the software that may be causing problems.
  5. Jack Lias

    Jack Lias Member

    My phone is synced to a Google account that may not exactly be "private" anymore (may have a few unwanted visitors). Also, I don't want my Gmail or Facebook contacts to be added to my phone.
  6. Like a couple exes? :D
  7. Jack Lias

    Jack Lias Member

    Having exes requires first having a girlfriend. :(

    The phone's been reset and most of my contacts have been re-added manually (I recorded all their numbers in notepad before resetting). I've also updated my phone for the first time since I got it two and a half years ago, and it looks... different. It appears to be working for the time being. :)
  8. That it looks different might be because its Android version was updated/-graded?
    Why not create a new Gmail account and sync to that? (After double checking that it will NOT sync to that funky Gmail account [anymore]!)
  9. Jack Lias

    Jack Lias Member

    It's good now, except that my phone is no longer charging through the USB, which is my primary method of charging the phone.

    EDIT: When the Android is plugged into the USB, and the USB plugged into the computer, my phone doesn't show the "Charging (%)" thing anymore, but it used to. I've switched to a different USB port on my computer.
  10. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    What version of android are you running? Go to settings-->about device. Your issues remind me of old Android 2.1, known as "Eclair" it often had wifi issues, Facebook reports no Internet connection when there is, random reboots and freezes.
  11. Jack Lias

    Jack Lias Member

    I am using Android version 2.2.1.
  12. Hey Jack Lias
    Android is having performance problem with phones having low config and OS versions. My old HTC Wildfire was having the same issue of interrupted web connections that I have resolved by unlocking it and installing cynogenmod 7.2 (Android 2.3.7).
    I will suggest you to upgrade your android version by unlocking it.
  13. Jack Lias

    Jack Lias Member

    I know so little about phones that I wouldn't even attempt it. I have no money to replace the phone if it stops working.
    ExtremeNerd likes this.
  14. ExtremeNerd

    ExtremeNerd Well-Known Member

    Smart man, that's a great answer. If you are into tech, I would encourage you to learn about your phone at least. Part of the fun of Android is how open everything is and the options you have. It is an older phone, but still supported by developers.

    Start by looking in the "what is root" pin, and try the Milestone specific forum. We all had to start somewhere, and as long as you're showing the effort to learn, people are more than willing to help you along. Just be sure not to do anything you're not comfortable with.
  15. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    ExtremeNerd isn't happy because you don't know a lot he is just encouraging you to learn more because a lot of people go blindly into Rooting their device and end up messing it up and coming to us to try and get out of it.

    A lot of times the mistakes can be corrected with a little bit of reading :)

    Here is the sticky he was talking about: http://androidforums.com/faqs/443432-what-root-being-rooted-mean.html

    Hope this helps :)
  16. Jack Lias

    Jack Lias Member

    Just another quick question: Before I updated my phone to a newer version, I was able to easily find my pictures when I plugged the phone into the USB. Now, I get nothing when I plug my phone in. Just one folder called "Albums" that only has ALB files in them. Where are my pictures located?

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