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having major issues. battery drain?General

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  1. superman1973

    superman1973 Member

    hello, i dont know where to start. lately this phone has been infuriating. ok, for starters if i try and access anything online or most types of data while i am away from home the battery drops to zero no matter what or how much charge is on it. it has dropped and completely shut down while playing a game, with camera open, while texting, while on the phone or trying to access the web. so damn annoying to have 70+% charge and it drop to zero. even rebooting it the battery is still dead though i throw it on charge and its back into higher % almost instantly.

    Now i have rooted my phone and have (i'm sure WAY too) many apps on the phone all through Link2sd and my 16G card.

    I'm curious is there a way of running a test to see what the issue is? i know i eventually would like to upgrade my phone but not yet. Also i recently started a new job where there are not any towers and my phone constantly restarts on its own most days. just out of nowhere the phone shuts down and restarts.

    I do disable WiFi and data (through widget) while away from home which has seemingly prolonged my ability to use it during the day but latelt even texting has become an issue. I did see a previous issue with Swype that led to battery drain but didnt know of anyway to determine what else would cause this issue.

    any help would be very very appreciated

  2. enigmadroid

    enigmadroid Well-Known Member

    How long have you had the phone? Have you popped the back cover off and looked at the battery to check for swelling? Does it get hot to the touch? Have you used a charger other than the one that came with it? Have you updated to the official 2.3.6?
  3. superman1973

    superman1973 Member

    the battery doesnt have any swelling thats noticable. i've have the phone about a year, maybe a touch longer. i Have Not updated the phone yet, thought about it but read about problems with it. i have used 2 separate car chargers outside of what came with the phone
  4. qandres12

    qandres12 Well-Known Member

    there are no problems with the update for the metro admire. and the battery drains really quickly when playing games and browsing the web, it happens to me but i just charge it
  5. superman1973

    superman1973 Member

    i understand batter draining while using apps and such, however this goes from about 70% (slows up for a minute....) screen goes black, see something that says Android System banner on top-makes the 'put phone on charger' noise-battery drops to zero and phone shuts down. all this occurs within 5-10 seconds. how a battery drops to 0 after being charged is an issue that is increasingly bothersome
  6. qandres12

    qandres12 Well-Known Member

    then this would be an issue for Metro to figure out mate, sorry. thats just odd and never i have i ever experienced this or even heard of it
  7. enigmadroid

    enigmadroid Well-Known Member

    Might be time for a new battery. See if Metro has a spare battery they can place in it to see if it's your battery or the system itself. Good luck!
  8. Mugatu

    Mugatu New Member

    I've been having the same problem. Its super frustrating, goes from 85% to 0% in the middle of an operation. I plug it in, it'll say like "50% charging" I guess its time for a new battery, will update when I find out
  9. TBotNik

    TBotNik Active Member

    Mugatu and others,

    Metro bloatware is to blame. I got only 2 hour out of the native phone with all bloatware installed.

    I had to:

    1. "Root" the phone,
    2. Install both Super Task Killer and System Tuner,
    3. Kill tasks (in SU Task Killer) one by one to see which had the battery drain (viewing results in System Tuner),
    4. Un-install in System Tuner,
    Results 14 hours of battery life.

    Oh you will have to redo this every 60-90 days as "updates" will re-install both bloatware from Metro and Google Suite crap (just as bad as the bloatware) and knock out your battery again.

  10. Mugatu

    Mugatu New Member

    I don't think bloatware is to blame. This is not an issue of poor battery life, this is literally going from 80% charge to 0% charge and the phone shutting off. I've tried a number of fixes but nothing seemed to have worked, I am just going to buy a new phone since this thing sucks.

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