Having PRoblem with my samsung galaxy y screen locker.. too many attemps and i forgot my google acc.Support

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  1. mikmik1

    mikmik1 Member

    I have problem with my samsung galxy y.. some ones try to unlock my phone.... using pattern..

    But i cant open it now i need to put my google account but i forgot.. can u please help me??

    what is the possible way to fix it.. please help me.... =((

  2. jebjeb

    jebjeb Well-Known Member

    your that man on facebook , right?
  3. mikmik1

    mikmik1 Member

    Yes im that sir... ur jeb jeb alinsungay right?? can u help me now??? please??
  4. jebjeb

    jebjeb Well-Known Member

    i can't idk what to do, but read some threads there's a lot of threads about that problem . or wait for other comment. i think they are at work right now .
  5. mikmik1

    mikmik1 Member

    i already look at all pages.. but nothing.. seems im the one having this problem damn!!! xD!
  6. jebjeb

    jebjeb Well-Known Member

    nah ! i read a lot of threads about that problem. just wait. maybe later they will comment you
  7. jebjeb

    jebjeb Well-Known Member

  8. mikmik1

    mikmik1 Member

    ok.. ill be waiting... whats on that thread..
  9. mikmik1

    mikmik1 Member

    thats not my problem dude.... i cant use my cellphone now because i go to home or any part of using my cellphone it only show that i need to put my google account... but i forgot damn it...
  10. hypd09

    hypd09 Well-Known Member

    Erm.. do you have any other device?
    reset your password :/
  11. jebjeb

    jebjeb Well-Known Member

    sorry my bad. wrong threads
  12. mikmik1

    mikmik1 Member

    PROBLEM SOLVE... Paying 600 pHp... to format x!
  13. jebjeb

    jebjeb Well-Known Member

    haha :))
  14. spliffy

    spliffy Well-Known Member

    im quite curious about you paying 600 pesos? san ka nagbayad? pano finormat? u mean flash?
  15. hypd09

    hypd09 Well-Known Member

    Errr.. thats weird..
  16. chemchem

    chemchem New Member

    it's ok already?
  17. avsys

    avsys Member

    #1.first switch your phone off

    #2.root your phone by holding
    volume up key + Home button + power button

    #3.select wipe data/factory reset and press home button
    #4.select confirm and press home button
    #5.select reboot system to reboot..

    you can't use touchscreen on android system recovery.. you can only use volume up key and volume down key for navigate. sorry for the poor English :) ...

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  18. stealth06

    stealth06 New Member

    In case you forgot the screen lock pattern of your galaxy y and you want to remove or reset it, i just saw this:

    vjontheweb . wordpress . com/2012/02/06/resetting-samsung-galaxy-y-screen-lock-pattern/]Resetting Samsung Galaxy Y Screen lock Pattern | vjontheweb

    i included spaces... just edit it at the address bar
    ou can just try it and see if its helpful
  19. akakar36

    akakar36 New Member

    i am using Samsung Galaxy Y S5360,i have a problem with my phone,whenever i was changed my sim from this phone i was charged rs 1 or rs 1.50,every time this money will be deducted from my account and i got a sms from samsung( Dear gt-s5360 user,thank u for ur interest in being a part of samsung famaily)...so if u can help me plz give a rply as soon as possible.......
  20. sasuketobi

    sasuketobi Member

    i have the same problem too, hope someone answers the solution
  21. The Imperial

    The Imperial New Member

    I think its because of discreet messages sent by the SIM to it's operator server. To notify that you are using an Android etc, thus you receive Android specific advertisements to your cell.
  22. jeffcleds

    jeffcleds Well-Known Member

    Factory rest
  23. kimLJT

    kimLJT Member

    Just simply follow this instructions dude instead of paying. Why PAY when there is FREE? :p
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  24. jeffcleds

    jeffcleds Well-Known Member

    Hahaha. I think he's scared. Hahaha
  25. jhersxz025

    jhersxz025 New Member

    wow .. Pagka format natanggal na ba ung pattern pass.

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