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  1. Metalzone

    Metalzone Member

    I have my frined's phone and he wants to upgrade so he gave me his phone so that i could unroot it and reset it. The problem is that when i unrooted the phone and factory reset it, after rebooting it it went straight to clockworkmod recovery. What do i do? it feels like if im going to brick it and i need help.

  2. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    You factory reset threw setting and not cwm recovery. Well there is hope, first you need to get exitrecovery.zip on your sd card and flash it to get out of recovery. Next follow this http://androidforums.com/esteem-all...zvd-zvc-zvb-emer-pb-recovery.html#post3775233 and you will be 100% stock in no time
  3. Metalzone

    Metalzone Member

    Okay i have restore the nandroid so im back to a rooted phone, can you please tell me each step? i already have exitrecovery on my sd. and im at the home screen. Thank you so much for helping.
  4. blitz468

    blitz468 Well-Known Member

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