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  1. deflepbear

    deflepbear New Member

    Everytime my zte score phone goes to "sleep" I have a hard time getting the screen to come back on. Is anybody else having this issue? I've only had my phone a few months. :confused:

  2. mightydog

    mightydog Member

    Sometimes mine just shuts itself down for no apparent reason after it goes to screen save.

    I then have to restart it.
  3. bonghit08

    bonghit08 Member

    Weird mine runs better than some newer phones . I would suggest clearing stettings data in settings/applications/all apps it will be the settings icon it will say force stop clear data and clear cache
  4. Paule Lee

    Paule Lee New Member

    Hey, maybe u can try to upgrade ur phone with the online upgrade tool in the official web of ZTE of USA, I have tried it.
  5. gbiggie

    gbiggie La patience et le pardon VIP Member

    Welcome y'all:)
    @ deflepbear-Have you had this problem from day one that you bought the phone:confused:

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